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June 1 2015 to June 7 2015

Monday June 1
Magic Sagitt

Hi Jonathan,
You recently shared a letter from Nina, who wanted to make the day of her gender reassignment her new birthday. Personally, I happen to believe Nina's original birth chart will still have impact. I also think her new birth chart will be relevant. The human that was originally born hasn't been un-born. Laura

Hi Jonathan,

As a Sagittarian, I can't understand how Nina would want to give up the sign of the archer. Ours is an abundant sign. Why shouldn't a Sagittarius have two birthdays? Congratulations to her for finding and following her truth. Ilene

Tuesday June 2
Full Moon in Sagittarius

This Full Moon in the sign of Sagittarius may prove exceptionally powerful. The Sun is currently in a kind of tight sandwich between Mercury and Mars. All three are in Gemini, with the communication planet just a little behind the Sun, and Mars ahead of it. That puts all three celestial bodies into an opposition with the Moon. We should expect to feel intensifying passions, experience electrifying emotions and hear mystifying arguments. Wherever you are, whatever your time zone, whether the Moon has just been or is just about to be full, do what you can to defuse tension!

Wednesday June 3

Dear Jonathan,
I've been thinking about Mars and its influence on each sign. The planet of war plays on our nerves and sometimes causes us to fly off the handle. What will happen when we send actual astronauts to land on the red planet? Do you think that, as they get ever closer, all hell would break loose inside the spaceship? Might there even be signs of war between those pilots? Richard

Dear Richard,
Your question deserves a fuller answer. I shall attempt one tomorrow. Meanwhile, we should remember that Mars is also the planet of determination and dedication.

Thursday June 4

Yesterday, I shared a question from Richard, who wondered what will happen when astronauts finally approach Mars. He fears the pilots might begin to squabble on their way to the planet of war. But remember when NASA sent astronauts to the Moon? Though that traditionally symbolises maternal compassion and intuition, the crew didn't become emotionally overwhelmed or try to 'mother' each other. Nor, unless US governments have been suppressing the files all these years, were there reports of psychic visions. Tomorrow, I'll explain the somewhat subtler way that modern astrologers see the relationship between earthly and heavenly events.

Friday June 5
Art and Science

Is astrology an art or a science? Surely, it is neither; simply a belief system. But many of my predecessors seemingly felt it was not enough to state their faith in correlations between events in Heaven and events on Earth. They felt obliged to explain; so they fostered theories about 'subtle gravitational pulls' or 'invisible etheric rays'. I have never had much confidence in these supposed 'reasons' why astrology works. I don't feel I need to be a mechanic in order to drive a car! But next week, for fun, I may discuss some of the more fanciful theories.

Saturday June 6
Your Week Ahead

Mercury's retrograde phase ends this week. Though it will take longer to appear where it was before it turned in its tracks, we will soon feel the difference. The scientific explanations for such phenomena are interesting but their symbolic implications become no less powerful, just because we understand the mechanics of a cosmic optical illusion. Things go more smoothly for sceptics and believers alike! Even those who doubt that anything will change because Venus is about to join Jupiter in Leo, will soon see a difference. There is soon due to be more love and more hope in the world.

Sunday June 7
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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