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June 15 2015 to June 21 2015

Monday June 15
Gravity of the Situation

Hello Jonathan,
You wrote about possible reasons why the heavens influence events on Earth and seemed to conclude there may be no explanation that fits the way we currently understand the physical world. What about gravity? Doesn't the Moon affect ocean tides and even the bloodflow within our bodies? Why wouldn't Jupiter exert a similar force? Lucie

Dear Lucie,
You are right about lunar gravity. Even the most sceptical critic can't deny that. But, unless science finds a way to measure tiny fluctuations, Jupiter's influence (or that of Mars or Venus) is unlikely to be explained by gravity.

Tuesday June 16
Dark of the Moon

Once again, we find ourselves in the Dark of the Moon, a time when some of life's usual rules don't apply. Most physical laws continue to operate as normal. We should expect no disruption to, for example, the force of gravity. But some psychological processes may not operate as we might expect. Some people, for example, may find themselves upset by remarks they might otherwise take in their stride. Others may have inklings, insights, intuitive flashes or moments of enlightenment that seemingly come out of the blue. We should all be open to what today has to teach us.

Wednesday June 17
Popular Mechanics

You stated you have never had confidence in the supposed 'reasons' why astrology works such as 'subtle gravitational pulls' or 'invisible etheric rays'. I was told (and have always believed) that astrology works because of the subtle gravitational pulls of the planets similar to those of the Moon's pull on our oceans. Where, then, does your belief in astrology lay if not in that? Jeffrey
Dear Jeffrey,

I don't really understand how my car works. I just know when I drive it as I have been taught to drive it, I can successfully get from A to B.

Thursday June 18
Science or Seance?

Hi Jonathan,
'How does astrology work?' One possible explanation could be that we are all interconnected; planets, people, atoms, stars. Just one giant organism. June

Dear June,
That's pretty much what most mystically minded people suspect. Modern science may be wonderfully advanced but there are still some questions to which, as yet, it cannot provide answers. It is rather naughty of some sceptics to assume that wherever these answers eventually come from, they won't emerge from a philosophy that they have prejudged without fair, proper testing. But it is naughty, too, of some astrologers to conjure pseudo-scientific 'explanations'.

Friday June 19
Shiver Me Timbers

Dear Jonathan, Do those in the afterlife still read their horoscopes? Mark

Dear Mark, I hope not.

Hello Jonathan, I know you don't do political predictions since Hillary Clinton didn't become President, but I'm so unhappy with the Canadian Prime Minister. Can you foresee change? Elizabeth

Hello Elizabeth, I try not to let opinions affect my judgement. I can only say all things change eventually. And my prediction about Hillary may yet come true!

Hi Jonathan, My prediction mentioned pirates. Then I went to a fancy dress party. Guess what everyone dressed as? Charles

Hi Charles. Yo ho ho!

Saturday June 20
Your Week Ahead

Solstice greetings! This, once again, is the magical time when the Sun reaches the extreme of its slow journey along the horizon and starts rising and setting in the same place for three days in a row. The ancients understood the immense significance of this celestial phenomenon. They saw it as a sign that the powers who govern all our lives, were drawing breath and reaching judgements, deciding whether to permit or impede future progress for all mortals with precious plans. If there's a deity whose help you feel you need, now is a fine time to request it.

Sunday June 21
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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