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June 22 2015 to June 28 2015

Monday June 22
Advantage Astrology

Dear Jonathan,
You doubt the idea that gravity explains how 'astrology' works. What do you think about the theory of quantum entanglement? Could this explain it? Susan

Dear Susan,
That sounds good.

Hello Jonathan,
Is it that everything is connected anyway? If we think of 'now' as the inside of a tennis ball, astrology works because the planets are mirroring what's happening here on earth. They just reflect, in a deep symbolic way, what we're up to in our lives. Lisa

Dear Lisa,

That sounds good too, though I didn't quite follow the bit about the tennis ball.

Tuesday June 23
Out of the Ordinary

No one has ever seen an atom. They have seen the effects of an 'atom' but atoms are invisible. Ordinary, or baryonic, matter makes up less than five per cent of the mass of the universe. The rest appears to be made of a mysterious, invisible substance called 'dark matter' and a force that repels gravity known as 'dark energy'. Dark matter doesn't interact with baryonic matter and is impossible to detect with current instruments. But scientists are confident it exists because of the gravitational effects it appears to have. Subtle gravitational pull may yet explain astrology too.

Wednesday June 24
Drive Thy Car

Dear Jonathan,
Some scientists say there are 12 dimensions in the universe, needed by some variants of String Theory. Perhaps the mechanics of astrology function in one or more of the dimensions that we cannot perceive - as might telepathy and some other 'rationally' unexplainable phenomena. Doug

Hi Jonathan,
You may say you don't know how your car works but you can still drive it but someone has to know how to build the car for you to drive. Or are you hinting that God is the super mechanical engineer of the Universe? I have always thought so myself. Stella

Thursday June 25

Dear Jonathan,
If I were a doctor, writing out a prescription for a patient, I would surely need to have knowledge of the workings of the body so that I knew what I was doing. If, as you recently claimed, you don't understand the mechanical principle by which astrology works, how can you write your astrological prescriptions? You could be leading others into a state of delusion.

Dear Jon,
I have always suspected that amongst the International Community of the Deluded, the highest echelon of membership is probably awarded to those who insist that they do not belong!

Friday June 26
Car Analogy Trouble

I recently said something to the effect of, 'if astrology is a vehicle, I see myself as a driver, not a mechanic'. Some readers have responded in a sharply critical tone. 'If you don't know how it works' they say, 'what gives you the right to make predictions with it?' I still think the original analogy holds good. I may not be fully versed in the manufacture of internal combustion engines but I understand where most roads lead and how to drive along them. I don't profess to know how (or why) astrology works. I just know it does!

Saturday June 27
Your July Monthly Forecast

How often do we see two Full Moons happening in one calendar month? Some say it happens only 'once in a blue moon.' By that measure then, July is unusual and potentially auspicious. Others insist that a greater rarity, by far, are two consecutive Full Moons in the same zodiac sign, regardless of how these span the civil calendar. No Moons as blue as that are due this year. Nonetheless, this month begins with a Full Moon in Capricorn and ends with one in Aquarius. If you've been lately hoping that some exceptional magical possibility might arise... July could be your month.

Sunday June 28
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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