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June 29 2015 to July 5 2015

Monday June 29
Auspicious Alignments

Keep an eye on the night sky this week. Two auspicious alignments are taking place and both are easily visible, no matter where you are in the world. For several weeks, Venus has been edging ever closer to Jupiter in the evening sky. These are planets, not stars, but both are so bright they almost twinkle. Venus traditionally governs art, beauty, creativity, luxury and love. Jupiter symbolises justice, jollity, hope and growth. Later this week, their conjunction becomes complete. And if you watch the waxing Moon, you will see it growing ever more ready for full fruition on Thursday.

Tuesday June 30
Critical Faculty

There has long been antipathy between esotericists and empiricists. Critics yearn to say, 'Astrology has been disproved.' But they can't. The accuracy of many a zodiac forecast is a matter of subjective perception. The best a sceptic can say is, 'there's no proof.' To which the astrologer can reply '...yet'. That only makes the critics more critical. But why would an astrologer want to make testing easier by offering specific predictions? If they get these wrong they risk ridicule? Even if they get them right, won't they just be airily dismissed as lucky? More on this after the Full Moon.

Wednesday July 1
Hope and Positivity

July gets off to a cracking start with a glorious conjunction of Venus and Jupiter. If you've got a clear sky after sunset, Venus and Jupiter are usually 'first out' after dark. They may be planets, not stars, but their proximity to us means we catch their light soonest. Well, when I say, 'their light', they have no light of their own. Their atmospheres act like mirrors. But astrologers believe that, as they reflect this back, they also reflect back hope and positivity for all on Earth. Tonight's Full Moon works in a similar way. More on that tomorrow.

Thursday July 2
Once in a Blue Moon

There are two Full Moons this month. The current one... plus the one we'll see at the end of July. Some people find this quirk of the calendar exciting but to an astrologer, there's much more significance in two successive Full Moons in the same sign, one at an early degree, the next at a late one. That, to us, is truly 'a blue moon'. This Full Moon may not be blue but, as it coincides with the annual conjunction of Venus and Jupiter, it may soon make people around the world feel as if they're in the pink!

Friday July 3
Chance Encounters

When experts look for 'statistical proof' of a process, they say that for a success rate to be meaningful, it must be greater than 'chance'. If you toss a coin, it is surely just as likely to land on heads as on tails. What is the value of any divination method that fails to deliver an accuracy level better than 50/50? I venture to suggest the client might be better replacing the reader - be they astrologer, palmist, card reader or clairvoyant - with a penny! Next week we'll discuss how much better than 50/50 should be considered 'good.'

Saturday July 4
Your Week Ahead

This week's most encouraging alignment is the trine between Mars and Neptune. A trine is any angle of 120 degrees between two points in the sky from the viewpoint of an observer on earth. It is considered helpful, favourable, positive. This connects the planet of 'action' to the planet of 'visions', suggesting that it's a good week for folk who wish their dreams to come true. Yet perhaps the week's least appealing alignment involves a sharp link from Mercury to Saturn the same day. This suggests some 'destructive criticism.' Don't let any of that keep you from your dream!

Sunday July 5
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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