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July 13 2015 to July 19 2015

Monday July 13
No Grexit

I wouldn't like to be Greek Prime Minister Tsipras today, imposing unpopular measures after a night of being bamboozled and bullied in Brussels. And haven't his people just voted against all this? This week won't be easy in the birthplace of modern astrology. But the Greeks should at least be proud that the art they gave the world still has currency. Since the Solstice, using traditional Athenian techniques, I've thrice repeated a prediction on Twitter. Check my past messages. Between some rather personal tweets, you'll see me staking my own 60 Euros on a clear prediction of no Grexit.

Tuesday July 14
Numbers Up

Dear Jonathan,
You mentioned recently, how a ratio of 51 to 49 per cent may not seem a big distinction but can be significant. In business ownership, that's certainly so. James

Dear Jonathan,
Regarding your discussion about the percentage of accuracy an astrologer ought to attain, my personal predictions from you are at least 90 per cent correct. Janelle

Dear Jonathan,
I'm not keeping score regarding how many of your forecasts prove correct but I do find they usually flag the important issue of the day, week or month. Terry

Dear James, Janelle and Terry, I wasn't fishing for flattery. But thanks!

Wednesday July 15
Hello Pluto!

If you think the speed of your internet connection leaves something to be desired, imagine how long it takes to send an email when you're 4.6 billion miles from Earth. The New Horizons space probe is now taking us closer to Pluto than ever before. It is sending back as many pictures as it can but it may be another 16 months before these all reach NASA's inbox! Already, though, we now know that Pluto has a dark area shaped a little like a whale and a light area that looks like a giant heart. What might this mean?

Thursday July 16
Dwarfed by Diktat

In January 2006, The New Horizons Space Probe set off towards Pluto. Seven months later, the International Astronomical Union decided, in their wisdom, to downgrade it. Happily NASA didn't abort the mission saying, 'Oh well, if we're only visiting a Dwarf Planet, let's not bother.' As we gaze at the latest amazing images, we can only be glad of their tenacity. And we surely must question, once more, the idea that 'importance' can be defined by factors as petty as 'size and shape'. Astrologers too, may well develop new views about Pluto in the light of all we're learning.

Friday July 17
Greece is the Word

There comes a point, soon after any event has happened, where most of us swiftly forget doubting whether it would actually occur. That can give us a peculiar perspective on prophecy. An accurate prediction is seen as a statement of the obvious, no matter how far from obvious it may once have seemed. Last week, for example, only a few bold voices were insisting there would be no Grexit. Now, it seems almost impossible to imagine how close we got to the economic upheaval of the century. I mention this only because, er... mine was one of those voices!

Saturday July 18
Your Week Ahead

This week, Venus changes signs. Like someone leaving one room and entering another, it pops its head round the door, makes its presence felt and says, 'I'm nearly ready to be with you but I've just got to pop back and finish something.' Virgos can expect a boost, then a delay. Leos a sense of loss, followed by rediscovery! And the rest of us? Regardless of what sign we are, this week will open our eyes to new possibility in the realm of love, wealth and creativity - and we will see how to maximise these without compromising existing commitments.

Sunday July 19
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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