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January 12 2015 to January 18 2015

Monday January 12
Manipulate or Capitulate

Dear Jonathan,
In a recent forecast you advised people born under my sign not to try to 'manipulate' the 'universe'. Isn't there a cottage industry these days teaching us how to use affirmations, crystals and visualisations to manipulate the universe to give us what we want? Why should we not do that? Tony

Dear Tony,
It may be possible to manipulate the universe but I have yet to see this make anyone happier, even if their efforts seemingly succeed. I think it wiser to manipulate ourselves, instead, to be more open to what the universe is naturally bringing us.

Tuesday January 13

Dear Jonathan,
A friend lost her keys. I told her about an old folk legend that says, 'If you tie a tea towel in a knot they'll come back to you'. She did, even though she didn't have much faith. The keys turned up a week later. She had lost them locally but the person who found them lived some distance away so he took them home, then posted them. Trevor

Dear Trevor,
Has anyone else heard this and tried it? And what about people who dry things by machine? How do they tie a knot in their dishwasher?

Wednesday January 14
Mother of all Eyebrows

Dear Jonathan,
There has not been so much as a peep from you regarding the earth-sized mother ship that exploded out of the sun on Christmas Eve. No comment? Alexis

Dear Alexis,
I had to do some searching before I could understand your letter. First I found the official website that shows the solar eruption, then the more homespun page suggesting that this may be a spacecraft. As a proponent of a subject that inflames sceptics, I know it is going to sound a bit rich if I raise an eyebrow. But I'm afraid I must raise an eyebrow!

Thursday January 15
Hope and Healing

Today brings the culmination of a right angle between Mars and Saturn. We have lately been under some unusual astrological influences. Several of my colleagues feel that these were linked to last week's terrible events in France and some even claim that they were foretold in them. I'm more inclined to take note of the heartwarming sight of millions uniting to encourage healing. It's this 'positive side of the negative' we can expect to see more of in the next few months as we head towards the last in a series of seven, intense alignments between Uranus and Pluto.

Friday January 16
Lost and Found

Dear Jonathan,
Speaking of things lost and found, twenty years ago I witnessed some things that I found so upsetting that I had no memory of them again. That is until a few weeks ago. All of those memories suddenly resurfaced again. I am reeling and not sure what to do next. Elle

Dear Elle,
Here, you've absolutely identified the dominant theme of these seven alignments between Uranus and Pluto. Collectively and individually, we're waking up, facing facts and remembering forgotten truths. It's all for the best possible reason. You'll soon be intuitively guided to make the wisest moves.

Saturday January 17
Your Week Ahead

This week's magical New Moon puts us all in the mood for romance. We should remember, though, that romance and love are not invariably synonymous. Romantic ideas are simply those that extend beyond logic and common sense and allow us to dream wistfully whilst we ignore the clashes and clangs of some inconvenient, truth. This week, those clangs and clashes must compete with the grinding of gears that now emerge from Mercury, slowing to a halt before commencing yet another of its regular retrograde phases. Till that is over, none of us can be entirely sure what's real, anyhow.

Sunday January 18
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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