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July 20 2015 to July 26 2015

Monday July 20
Talking Pluto

I have been talking to my peers and colleagues about Pluto's 'new look'. None of us (as you might, expect) interpret that amazing shape on the surface of this celestial body as a mere coincidence. But if Pluto is the Lord of the Underworld and thus a symbol of all that's dark, and dodgy, why has it made sure that the first thing we all see is an undeniably enormous heart? For me, there's a slight sense of potential vindication here. I have long held controversial views about Pluto. This week, I'll tell you what others are now thinking.

Tuesday July 21
Pluto Rules OK!

Hi Jonathan, Passionate Scorpios see the amazing heart-shaped images on the new Pluto photos as further proof that we are correctly ruled by Pluto! Lorraine

Hi Jonathan,
Space probe New Horizons captures the energy of Pluto through its observations, then beams that energy to Earth, intensifying the basic state of those ruled by Pluto and affecting the rest of us. Interesting don't you think? Richard

Intriguing that NASA scientists chose the phrase 'broken heart' use to describe an area of Pluto's landscape. What do you make of this new information from space? Has Pluto been misjudged? Elizabeth

Wednesday July 22
More on Pluto

Dear Jonathan,
Perhaps those people who thought it appropriate to re-classify Pluto as a dwarf planet also think dwarfs are less important than the rest of the human race? Mike

Hi Jonathan,
It seems the once-downgraded Pluto is now back in the lime-light. How does this event affect the characteristics of Scorpios? Trevor

Dear Mike and Trevor,
I don't think we've heard the end of the debate about whether Pluto deserves to be re-reclassified. And we've only just heard the start of a discussion about what that heart on Pluto's surface may signify to Scorpios.

Thursday July 23

More, today, on those close-ups from Pluto. My colleague, Kathryn Cassidy suggests that because Pluto is getting more attention, more Scorpios may follow suit and be seen in a new light. Watch, she says, for Scorpios showing us their hearts are as big as Pluto's heart. She goes on to point out how last week, Scorpio Leonardo DiCaprio donated 15 million dollars to environmental charities. Meanwhile, someone I follow on Twitter notes that the top of the heart on Pluto looks like a builder's bum. That too, will resonate with those familiar with the traditional associations of Scorpio.

Friday July 24
Inspiring Messages

Hi Jonathan,
No one asked Pluto about Pluto. We silly humans decided what Pluto meant. She has just given us her own opinion. Carrie

Dear Carrie, I agree that Pluto sent a clear message. Also sending an inspiring message, this weekend, is the glorious trine from the Moon to Venus and Jupiter. I'll be watching it from WOMAD, The World Of Music and Dance, near Cirencester. Officially, I'm there to make musical discoveries but it is an open-air event so no doubt my gaze will wander upwards each evening. I'll let you know what I see... and hear.

Saturday July 25
Your Week Ahead

Is this week's Full Moon a Blue Moon? Arguments rage between traditionalists, astrologers and etymologists. There can be no definitive answer. All that survives, alongside the nomenclature is the definition. The origin is lost. So let us test the definition. Will this week turn out to be a time for rare, unusual events? Does it feel, somehow, as if the extraordinary can soon come barging into every life, like an outlaw in a saloon, elbowing the ordinary out of its way? Might rare magic now be possible? If it feels that way to you, it's a true Blue Moon.

Sunday July 26
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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