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August 3 2015 to August 9 2015

Monday August 3
Astrologer, Reveal Thyself

Hi Jonathan,
Do you think the day will come when we are all in touch with our highest reality and know what the stars are thinking? I love your readings and being reminded of what I already know, but one day I will be able to see around corners and my inner astrologer will make you redundant. Mark

Dear Mark, Ah, but it's one thing to know what the stars have in store for someone else, another to be objective when you read your own birth-chart. No astrologers, no matter how good they may be, can do that.

Tuesday August 4
Free Will

Dear Jonathan,
Just because God knows your every thought and action before you doesn't mean there is no free will. You can't sit around saying. 'It's my destiny to be a success,' but do nothing to manifest that. People have free will. God just created it! Michael

Hi Jonathan,
Free will exists within a universe that is aware of its own state at all times and places. Where a person sees free will, God sees the inevitability of all. There's no reason why this should detract from self-worth or enjoyment. It reinforces the importance of every decision. Brett

Wednesday August 5
God Only Knows

Dear Jonathan,
Thank you for printing my comment on an all-knowing 'god'. I note your answer agrees with my statement. If all a god knows is that the future is flexible then that god is not all-knowing. The god would not know what the choices would be until they are actually made. That's the only way free will could exist. Thomas

Hi Jonathan,
I disagree with what Thomas said last week. God is indeed alive and well, and all-knowing, granting free will so we can change our destiny and the outcome of some situations. Theresa

Thursday August 6
Enriching Pluto

Hello Jonathan,
I'm surprised you didn't mention in your recent thoughts about Pluto, the fact that it hit the headlines at the same time as the U.S. and other world powers negotiated agreements with Iran and reached a deal to limit that country's nuclear capabilities in exchange for sanctions relief. Is this a sign of future peacetime or of a coming war? David

The image on the surface of Pluto looks, to me, like a broken heart finally rising up out of the darkness. Jeffrey

Dear David, I think Jeffrey's observation supplies the answer to your question.

Friday August 7
Lion's Gate

Hi Jonathan,
I hear eight planets enter alignment on 8th August. Is this true? What does it mean? Gina

Dear Gina, If anything is 'big' in August, it's the rare 'Finger of Fate' alignment due at the end of the month. Eight planets will absolutely not align tomorrow but some of my more 'far-out' friends seem to think the numerology of this day opens a 'Lion's Gate' through which beings from another dimension will descend to enlighten us. Far be it from me to rain on their parade. Let's all prepare to welcome angels, aliens and ethereal beings!

Saturday August 8
Your Week Ahead

It isn't just in Chinese astrology that they have the year of the 'this' or the 'that'. In what, these days, is called Western Astrology (although its roots are equally Eastern) there are also important themes and influences that change once a year. As these are not triggered by some complex rule involving the Moon but reflect the natural progression of a particular planet, many argue that they are more powerful. Jupiter, this week, arrives in the sign of Virgo, where it will remain until early September 2016. Thus begins the fruitful, potentially prosperous year of the Harvest Goddess.

Sunday August 9
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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