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August 10 2015 to August 16 2015

Monday August 10
Effect of the First Cause

Hello Jonathan,
Here's a quote from author, Alan Watts. 'From a strictly metaphysical standpoint, God does not fore-ordain anything, since for him there is no future... the concept of free will is meaningless, since unmotivated, uncaused, spontaneous action would be something possible only for the First Cause. If the gift of free will to creatures means anything, it means... free will is not the property of any creature in so far as they are an individual, but only in so far as the actual reality of their being, their true Self, is God and acts as God.' Stephanie

Tuesday August 11
A Matter of Degree

I can't remember if I've ever told you this before but there are thirty degrees in each zodiac sign. Astrologers don't just track the progress of each planet to the nearest degree. At times we need to know where they are to the nearest minute... or even second. Yes, you did read that right. The zodiac is a circle, just like a clock face. And it too, has minutes and seconds. Anyway, Mercury (planet of communication) is about to enter Virgo, sign of detail. This may not be the last complicated explanation any of us come across this week!

Wednesday August 12
Making A Free Will

Hi Jonathan,
A discussion about free will must surely include quantum mechanics and its Observer Theory. This suggests that the observer changes the nature of the observed simply by observing. A corollary must be that exercising one's will affects the object of the exercise, and everything else in the universe. We live in a humungous stew of energetic wills, the ultimate direction of which is impossible to calculate. Like the gravitational pull between planets, we each affect each other. So, there is 'free will', but in light of infinite concurrent influences, it may or may not be of consequence. Diana

Thursday August 13
Dark of The Moon

The Moon and the Sun are about 93 million miles apart but when viewed from the window of Spaceship Earth at the moment, they seem very close together. So close, indeed, that we can't actually see the Moon. It is so near to the Sun that daylight outshines it as they rise and set together each day. Nights are therefore moonless. We call this the Dark of The Moon. Tomorrow, I'll talk about the mystical significance of this. For now, let's be glad that a moonless night may make it easier to spot elusive Mercury in the early evening.

Friday August 14
Dark of The Moon

We enter this weekend under the Dark Of The Moon. By long tradition, this is when those who have been born blessed with psychic or clairvoyant gifts become more likely to have stronger experiences. Many of us may also expect more vivid, perhaps even prophetic, dreams. Nor is the Moon the only celestial body that is currently conspicuous by its apparent absence. Venus and Jupiter, until recently bright lights in the early evening sky, are fast on their way to becoming heralds of the dawn, alongside Mars. The most noticeable night time object, at the moment, is Saturn.

Saturday August 15
Your Week Ahead

Tense alignments create a climate conducive to conflict this week. That isn't to say that we will all soon be arguing. It may be more as if we grow weary of trying to make others see sense and feel as if we may as well stop trying to achieve impossible objectives. If, no matter what sign you are, you start to feel as if you just can't win, let it go! Instead, philosophically and stoically, embrace loss. You may yet find that such a small change of attitude is all you need to unleash opportunity and thus bring success.

Sunday August 16
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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