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August 17 2015 to August 23 2015

Monday August 17
Free Will

Hello Jonathan,
Imagine what existence must be like for an all-knowing being: predictable and boring. Where is the fun in that? But knowledge is not the same thing as prediction. If this being truly knows all, they surely also know how to render knowledge unpredictable. All that's required to set up a dynamic system from which unpredictable events can arise, is to create time and free-agents. Maybe the point of existence is discovery! Michele

Dear Michele, How interesting that this discussion about free will has got some of us wondering what it is like to be God!

Tuesday August 18
True Sky Thinking

Dear Jonathan,
The heart as a symbol of love is not universal, it is contemporary. Some cultures do not associate that shape with the feeling of love. Perhaps Pluto's lesson is that nothing emanates or has inherent meaning and all meaning is projected. Astrology then would appear to be a consensual, evolving meaning map. How wonderful that the universe co-operates with the meaning we project on it. Timaeon

Dear Timaeon, I agree the sky seems willing to be what we want it to be. But are we willing to be what we think it wants us to be?

Wednesday August 19
PS Infinite

Hi Jonathan,
Regarding Free Will and Destiny, for me it is like a PlayStation game. God knows the outcome (we will all evolve) and we are free to make choices along the way, rise to challenges, fall down and die, come back and do things differently until we eventually get there. We take as much time as we take. We have forever. Deb

Dear Jonathan,
Maybe an all-knowing God is one that knows all permutations of an event and possible outcomes. All possible 'realities' exist at the same time. We just decide which one we live. Keith

Thursday August 20
Free or Pre

Here in this space, as regular readers know, discussion topics come and go. I share a variety of views and try to adhere to my primary duty as an astrologer... and remain neutral. With regard to our current debate, it is particularly easy for me to sit on the fence. I honestly don't understand where free will ends and pre-destination begins or if indeed, as many recent correspondents have insisted, the two are mutually exclusive. Indeed, I'm so sure of my uncertainty, I'm willing to make a prediction. Nobody will ever find a definitive answer to this question!

Friday August 21
Rage of Aquarius

Dear Jonathan,
In a recent forecast you said, 'Aquarians should not be argued with because they invariably win... Their capacity to criticise is a weapon...' I hope you have a good experience with an Aquarian some day. We Aquarians are not bullies by nature but if you bully us we will defend ourselves. Monica

Dear Monica, I don't feel it is very fair to suggest that I am being bullying here. I go to great lengths to be neutral and equally fair to all signs but actually, I'm very fond of Aquarians. I've got two Aquarian brothers, three Aquarian children!

Saturday August 22
Your Week Ahead

Planetary aspects are the geometrical angles formed between any two celestial bodies when charted on a map of the zodiac. Such maps are two dimensional. Even so, they have symbolic significance. Practitioners of my profession have long since learned to respect them, in particular the angles of 150 degrees that Americans call, 'inconjunct' and are known to the rest of the world as 'quincunx'. These suggest itches that can't be scratched or issues that are tricky to resolve yet, ultimately, positive. Mars forms two of these, this week, to Neptune and Pluto. It is a time to have patience.

Sunday August 23
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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