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August 24 2015 to August 30 2015

Monday August 24
The Road to Freedom

Dear Jonathan,
Here's a quote from my upcoming book: Freedom of Choice is Duality. The road to freedom, when you understand it, is the freedom you have of not choosing at all. Although that is, ironically, a choice. Del

Hi Jonathan,
Diana makes a valid point about the effect of free will and quantum physics. The physics are a reflection of the metaphysics. As the universe is suffused with one consciousness it makes sense that every action has some reaction. How much of an effect one can make depends on one's capacity, some lights are brighter than others. Ivo

Tuesday August 25
Time Out

While this isn't strictly an astrology question, it has to do with relative time and distance. If many of the stars visible at night have already burned out, does that mean: a. time on Earth has gone forward if one were currently positioned where the star would have been; or b. we are already dead and time as a linear axiom is an illusion. Dave

Dear Dave, I do wish you had split option b! Point a. is empty conjecture. The first half of point b. is evidently untrue. But I heartily concur with your last eight words!

Wednesday August 26

Hello Jonathan,
Every action must have a reaction or it cannot be complete. We must think: 'Am I just doing something for myself or as part of an interaction with others?' If you are carving a piece of wood, for example, it may be an interaction with matter. But if you intend this to become a gift for somebody else it's more complex. Whenever we interact with others we are in danger of inflicting something on them. There's a reward system in our brain for lying to others. But we cannot dupe ourselves because God is inside us! Jürgen

Thursday August 27
Signs and Wonders

Dear Jonathan,
What are your thoughts on the September Blood Moon? Will something change the world? Michelle

Dear Michelle, September brings the last of four lunar eclipses which coincide with religious festivals. A Biblical prediction implies this could mean the world ending but several times, we have seen such sequences with no such consequences. Nor need we worry about the late September asteroid, due to miss us by many miles or October's Day Of Judgement, being prophesied by some Christians. If you want to know about a rare sign in the sky with real meaning... watch this space tomorrow!

Friday August 28
Finger of Fate

The weekend brings a three-way alignment between Mars, Neptune and Pluto. When any two celestial bodies form an angle of 150 degrees, we call it a 'Quincunx' or 'Inconjunct'. It implies an issue that can neither be ignored or resolved. Once in a rare while, two occur at once, with one body forming the top of a triangulation from two more, 60 degrees apart. Some astrologers call this a Yod. The ancients called it a 'Finger of Fate'. It is as if the cosmos is pointing to something or someone. We can all expect moments of profound recognition.

Saturday August 29
Your September Monthly Forecast

September brings a mid-month Solar Eclipse, then a Lunar Eclipse. It does not matter where you live or what you see. But some may argue that those who witness such cosmic phenomena get a special grace. We all find ourselves facing challenging change at such times. And that change, though it often seems daunting at first, is never without new hope. The phase between two eclipses is often considered a magical time when 'anything can happen'. This particular passage through what some call a 'portal of possibility' should be especially interesting because it coincides with a retrograde Mercury.

Sunday August 30
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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