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August 31 2015 to September 6 2015

Monday August 31
Mixed Messaging

Dear Jonathan,
I was seeing a Sagittarian. A month ago he ended things because he liked someone else and didn't want to string me along. I messaged him last week. Since then he has been adding smiley faces at the end of his messages. I don't know if he likes me again. I asked if he wants to catch up one day. He didn't reply but then he liked my Instagram photo... Jess

Dear Jess, Capricorn/Sagittarius is not the easiest relationship to sustain. Stay just out of reach but friendly. You need to play a long game here.

Correction. The football commentator mentioned last Friday under Libra should have been Kenneth Wolstenholme.

Tuesday September 1

Hi Jonathan,
The word, 'consciousness' is often used in esoteric circles as if there is some commonly understood definition, yet I become confused when I see it. The dictionary defines it as, 'awareness'. 'Consciousness' is commonly considered a property that distinguishes humans from the rest of creation. Yet dogs and other creatures are aware too. And they can solve problems. Plato suggested that human consciousness is an 'awareness of awareness'. But how can we talk of the universe being suffused with one consciousness when people cannot agree on what 'consciousness' is? Jeff

Hi Jeff, That's a very good question!

Wednesday September 2
Feline Will

Dear Jonathan,
One mystic likens the difference between free will and 'knowing all' to watching a ferry from a hilltop. Up high, she could see the entirety of its path. People on the ferry, though, could only see this a bit at a time. Isaura

Dear Isaura, But the captain could still have chosen to change course!

Dear Jonathan,
I found a website which said negative thoughts tend to reduce our free will. (But I can't find it at the moment because my cat keeps jumping on my keyboard.) Jacqui

Dear Jacqui, Perhaps your cat knows something we don't!

Thursday September 3
Into the Light

A reader called Dave recently expressed a concern. 'If,' he asked, 'we're seeing light from stars that burned out long ago, perhaps we, too, are already dead.' I've thought more about this since then. When watching an old movie, the actors are no longer with us yet we can still see them. Isn't that just the same thing? Meanwhile, Brian writes reassuringly to say the odds of a star burning out while its light is already on its way to Earth are small; stars live so long that a few thousand years is 'the blink of an eye'.

Friday September 4
Magical Mystery Tour

Dear Jonathan,
We have free will but only within limits. We can affect many situations, but beings with greater insight than most of us can see possible outcomes which would be called pre-destination. Helen

Dear Jonathan,
I believe the destination is already 'set' but the journey can alter. Our free will relates to the different ways we can travel to a place which won't change. Whether we walk, take the train, drive or catch a bus, we're still going where we're going. Jenny

Dear All, And I still think we all have far more choice than we know!

Saturday September 5
Your Week Ahead

This week's most interesting event involves Venus reaching the end of a retrograde phase. This began in July. The planet of love and beauty will not get all the way back to the point from which she first deviated till October. But immediately, all whose lives revolve around some kind of romantic vision, will feel a difference. There is also poignant symbolism in the way that Venus, which was recently the brightest light in the early evening, is now becoming the herald of the dawn. That speaks of hope bubbling secretly just below the surface in many a heart.

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