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September 14 2015 to September 20 2015

Monday September 14
Selfish Awareness

Dear Jonathan,
In the past, influenced by the arrogant assumption that all other species are inferior to humans, it was assumed that no other species was capable of self-awareness. Recently, various studies have attempted to investigate the truth of this although, so far, with inconclusive results. Other research, though, has shamed humans into recognising that other species are far more advanced than we ever realised. I predict that one day we'll be forced to admit that other creatures are more self-aware than our ignorance has formerly allowed us to accept. Christala

Dear Christala, I'll second that prediction!

Tuesday September 15
Finger Picking Good

Hi Jonathan,
That recent Finger of Fate alignment certainly picked me out. A rift is healing. I'm getting closer to someone very special. Kate

Dear Jonathan,
Perhaps it helps to think of astrology as a clinical science, based on observation but not easily subjected to experimentation and random assignment. It sounds funny to suggest randomly assigning people to birthdays but as a research psychologist, I can imagine there might be methodological ways to get around this. Judith

Hi Jonathan,
Why do you and your readers keeps mistakenly going on about free will? The film was called Free Willy! Graham

Wednesday September 16

Dear Jonathan,
When does Venus goes back to being a beautiful evening star? Lavonne

Dear Lavonne, Venus, which is usually the first bright light we see after sunset, has now become a herald of the dawn. She will continue to add her breathtaking grace and beauty to the sky just before sunrise until early next year. Jupiter and Mars too, are now rewarding early-risers with some glorious glimpses of celestial splendour. But the evening sky still affords us sight of Saturn. Those with telescopes and clear skies may even be able to witness its famous network of rings.

Thursday September 17
All Things Being Equal

Occupants of our different hemispheres may argue about whether this is the Spring or the Autumn Equinox but on one point they must agree. Our days and our nights will soon be of equal length. The meaning here is surprisingly obvious. It is a time to even things out! It may also be time to straighten situations up and settle them down! Regardless of what sign you are, here's a chance to clear out clutter and make order out of chaos. That may mean physically, mentally or emotionally. Ultimately, it is an inner adjustment that needs to be made.

Friday September 18
Out of Sorts

The Equinox isn't till Wednesday but people don't always respond to an astrological influence at the moment it 'peaks'. Our unconscious reaction to a powerful, global mood can be delayed or anticipated. Whenever days and nights are of roughly equal length, the cosmos invites us all to clear up whatever's messy - and right whatever is wrong. This may well require a little time so many of us may feel an impulsive urge, this weekend, to spend our time sorting and straightening! For me, it also brings an exciting development. I'll tell you about it next week!

Saturday September 19
Your Week Ahead

Mercury now begins a retrograde phase. I mentioned that last week, when I also explained how the 'stationary' phase, prior to the change of direction, means most. Top of this week's heavenly bill is Saturn's long-awaited return to Sagittarius. Though it passed briefly through this sector of the sky between last December and this June, that was a curtain-raiser to the current show. The previous run of this celestial spectacle, went from 1985 to 1988. This brought Sagittarians many blessings. The same will be true this time too. For the rest of us too, change starts now.

Sunday September 20
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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