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September 21 2015 to September 27 2015

Monday September 21
Pole Position

I am often asked if it is true that the Earth's magnetic field is shifting and the North and South poles are about to swap positions with devastating consequences. I've heard conflicting stories. All I know is that, having given careful attention to a series of horoscope charts and future alighments, I can see no sign in the sky of the world ending anytime soon! But I've always felt that to properly understand and address this issue, I should consult a Geophysicist. By chance, I met one in Australia last week! Tomorrow I'll tell you what he told me.

Tuesday September 22
Pole Positions

Last week, I asked a geophysicist a question that various readers have expressed concern about. 'Is it true that Earth's magnetic poles are shifting?' 'They do this all the time' he said. 'Currently, the North Pole is somewhere in Russia.' 'Will it one day swap places with the South Pole?' I asked. 'Sure,' he replied, 'and if that happens instantly, we'll be fine but if there's an interval, maybe not.' I asked him why there was uncertainty. Soon, I'll explain his revealing answer.

Wednesday September 23
Opportunity Equinox

It is not just the Equinox that I'm celebrating today. For two decades, I've been developing a way to provide astrologically accurate, personal predictions based on any individual's exact date and year of birth. This requires an astronomical number of, er, astronomical calculations. The results are then linked to a library of spoken Astro-Alerts. You can now have a month's free trial of Astro Alerts - no need to enter credit card details and no need to remember to cancel at the end of 30 days. It will cancel automatically and you will be the one to decide if you want to continue - which of course I hope you will. So, you have nothing to lose and no obligation. Join the 30 day FREE trial here.

Thursday September 24
Magnetic Distraction

Last week, I asked a geophysicist about a shift in Earth's magnetism that some doom-mongers seem to be expecting. He said it isn't necessarily a major problem and it could, in any event, be 100,000 years away. My charts confirm his optimism. So, despite what some folk are saying about the 'Blood Moon' this weekend... and what a Christian cult in America are now saying about the world ending October 7, I still foresee a future for us all! Next week, I'll tell you more about what the geophysicist told me. Tomorrow, more about the coming Lunar Eclipse.

Friday September 25
Super Blood Moon

A 'Supermoon' occurs if the Moon grows full at a point along its orbit that takes it slightly closer to us than usual. This makes it appear larger. You may notice that when you look at the sky this weekend. Those who live in a time zone that renders the Moon visible as it turns full may also see it turn briefly crimson while being eclipsed by Earth's shadow. This effect is why some poetic people are calling it a 'Blood Moon.' But despite all you may have read on the internet, it portends no doom and no gloom! The entire Blood Moon eclipse is visible in Western Europe, Eastern USA and Canada, and South America for its duration, from around midnight (GMT) on Sunday to 5.22am (GMT) on Monday; It can also be seen, though not for the entire duration, in Africa, Western Asia, India and in the Western USA and Canada. The event is not visible from Australia, NZ, Japan or Eastern Asia.

Saturday September 26
Your Week Ahead

We get a Supermoon whenever the moon is full and a little closer to earth than usual. It makes the moon look bigger. Some people, in some places, may also see an eclipse this week. Though those who witness this celestial spectacle can hardly fail to feel blessed, we can all benefit from this symbolic, positive portent, whether we see it or not. Some folk are calling it a Blood Moon because the moon turns crimson at the peak of the eclipse. But there is nothing sinister in this phrase, it merely suggests a time for outgrowing a fear.

Sunday September 27
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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