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January 19 2015 to January 25 2015

Monday January 19
Bright Side of the Moon

We are, once again, in 'The Dark of the Moon', that mystical time of the month when clairvoyants become clearer, psychics get more sensitive and mediums grow more extreme! Even those of us who profess to have no special powers and insights tend to find ourselves inexplicably drawn towards helpful coincidences. This particular dark moon time is notable because it happens while Mercury is slowing to a 'stationary' position, prior to commencing one of its infamous retrograde phases. It all suggests that those having trouble solving problems with logic may yet be blessed with a flash of intuitive insight.

Tuesday January 20
Wart Thwart by Nought but Thought

Hi Jonathan,
When I was a child, I had a wart on my hand. I was told that if I buried a small piece of meat in the garden the wart would disappear, provided I didn't tell anyone! I tried it, though I thought it was crazy. My wart went! I wonder if this was a placebo effect. Lesley

Dear Lesley,
This would indeed be the famous 'placebo effect'. I have never understood why people speak so dismissively of placebos. They aren't 'poor substitutes for scientific solutions'; they're miraculous examples of mind over matter that ought to be celebrated!

Wednesday January 21
Mercury Retrogade Sensation

We shouldn't expect, as we now emerge from the Dark Of The Moon, to lose any psychic sensitivity we have recently gained. If you've had profound insights, uncanny inklings, smart hunches or intense revelations, they may soon take you further and show you more. And as Mercury now changes direction, just prior to a retrograde phase, here's a great opportunity to mull over lessons that have been recently learned. Contrary to popular belief, a Mercury retrograde phase is not all about frustration, delay and impaired communication. It is (or should be) all about negotiation, arbitration, realisation and inspiration.

Thursday January 22
Back to the Future

Dear Jonathan,
You recently described time travel as a purely theoretical exercise. It may inspire you to be reminded that time travel, into the future at least, is scientifically proven fact. Atomic clocks go faster, at higher altitudes, than at lower ones. Although the measurements are in billionths of a second, if it can happen on a small scale, it is possible on a greater scale. Darren

Dear Darren,
Some people argue too, that the speed of thought is even faster than the speed of light. If that turns out to be true, it may be very possible indeed!

Friday January 23
Mercury Retro Upgrade

Dear Jonathan,
No not another retrograde! My least favourite time of all. Lucy

Dear Lucy,

Sometimes, we have to learn to love the rain. Or to find, at least, some appreciation of winter winds. Umbrellas help. So do warm coats. But the occasional retrograde phases of all planets are simply 'seasonal fluctuations'. They're never 'all bad news'. It's true that when Mercury, in particular, changes direction, communications suffer from delays and commercial transactions become complicated... but this is also when essential plans can be reviewed and vital lessons learned. It doesn't last long. We should be glad of it!

Saturday January 24
Your Week Ahead

Venus is about to enter Pisces. For the next few weeks, we will all be more mystically minded. Pisceans will find their love lives improve and perhaps their finances. Now, this raises a question that some astute readers may care to ask. If this is so significant, why did I not make a similar fuss late last year when Saturn moved from Scorpio to Sagittarius? The rules of astrology function differently with the slower-moving planets. These produce longer-lasting but more subtle changes. It is wrong to suggest that one sign will benefit and another will lose out.

Sunday January 25
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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