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September 28 2015 to October 4 2015

Monday September 28
Supermoon Reflections

Last night's Supermoon Eclipse inspired many people. But though I should have been able to view it from my garden, the weather was so misty, I couldn't see a tree thirty feet away. Even though the Moon was thousands of miles closer to Earth than usual, it was still a couple of hundred thousand miles too distant for me! I reminded myself of what I often say, about how you need not see a cosmic phenomenon in order to benefit from it. And I took comfort from knowing that this Supermoon will eventually help to heal many hurt hearts.

Tuesday September 29
Martian Waters

Astronomers measure planets. They deduce their chemical composition, their weight, rotation and orbit. Astrologers read meaning into the planet's apparent positions. We see symbolic significance in the way they seemingly align from time to time. 250 years ago, all astronomers were also astrologers. Then skepticism replaced belief. 100 years ago, if you had asked many a leading astronomer if there was water on Mars, they'd have agreed that there was. Then their opinion altered. 'No' became the new 'yes.' Yesterday, their official view altered again. How long will it be, I wonder, before they change their mind about whether astrology has validity.

Wednesday September 30
Denial is a River of Liquid Cheesecake in Egypt

Hello Mr Cainer,
You recently mentioned the polar shift. Someone told me that it is linked to a 'rogue planet'. He insists Planet X will arrive within the next few years. When we get into arguments he accuses me of being in denial. Cyndi

Dear Cyndi, I am personally in denial about the gorilla that's trying to eat my left leg, the rip in the magic carpet which flies me to work each day and the vat of liquid cheesecake into which I may plunge at any moment. But there's a reason to deny these things. Isn't there?

Thursday October 1
Not the End of the World (Again)

Hi Jonathan,
Prophecies concerning the end of times or the end of the world mean the end of worldly things, such as materialism, war etc., and the beginning of spiritual upliftment. Too many people think it means the destruction of Earth by a meteor crash or nuclear explosion. Jean

Hi Jean, I'm not sure what kind of an 'end' the eBible Fellowship have in mind for October 7, but, as their website depicts a burning planet, I suspect they're not envisaging a gentle ascension to a higher spiritual plane! Whatever they foresee, though, you'll be happy to hear, I disagree!

Friday October 2
Just Deserts

Just curious Jonathan: a dishonest work colleague got promoted by underhandedly using corrupt and devious methods and subtly discrediting others. Bosses seemed 'brainwashed'. This person's horoscope keeps telling them success will get stronger. Does the 'success' message apply to crooks and honest people alike? Please tell me he will one day get his just deserts. Anthony

Sorry to say Anthony:
astrological messages DO apply to crooks and honest people alike. They also apply equally to those who find fault with others and those who don't! But the law of natural justice is as powerful as any planetary influence.

Saturday October 3
Your October Monthly Forecast

Early in October, Mercury ends its retrograde phase. All who have been feeling frustrated due to difficulties and delays in commerce and communication, can expect improvements. Mercury is also the planet of travel and transportation. It governs short journeys, rather than long ones but astrologers associate it with the process of getting from point A to point B. But the most obvious, expedient route is rarely the most rewarding and it is often during Mercury's retrograde phases, that we start exploring more productive and inspiring alternatives. Even when it seems we must do this under duress, we invariably benefit.

Sunday October 4
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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