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October 5 2015 to October 11 2015

Monday October 5
A Triple Positive

Dear Jonathan,
I need to have a tooth pulled this week. Is that an OK thing to do during a Mercury retrograde? Sheila

Hello Jonathan,
You shared a letter from a reader who thinks the discussion about free will is inane. Might it be better to reply: 'Reality is not under your control. How you feel about reality is not under your control. What you do about it, IS'? Ken

Pluto has been described as having dragon scales on the eastern edge of the planet. Is that significant? YS

Dear Sheila, Ken and YS, Yes, yes, yes!

Tuesday October 6
Facebook Folly

Hello Jonathan,
A quiz on Facebook said I wasn't meant to be born human but my fate was changed and I need to investigate further to find out why. This is uncanny because I often say '... I must come from another planet.' And, as an Aries, I am ruled by Mars which I consider my 'home'. Perhaps I am human because my daughter needed to be born. Exactly how does one investigate why one has been born a human? Lindsay

Dear Lindsay, I'm not sure how to break this to you... but not everything you read on Facebook is true!

Wednesday October 7
The Inner Eyes Have It

Dear Jonathan,
Eastern writings suggest different creatures have varying levels of awareness. Humans are said to have the highest because they can achieve (as demonstrated by various scientific and academic achievements) greater mastery over their environment than other species. But that is only on the material level. Humans can achieve mystical consciousness through what Socrates called the eye of the mind, which sees inward. Mac

Dear Jonathan,
As far as inward seeing, animals have an incredible spiritual consciousness. They dream, feel, sense, intuit and often act as angels. It's possible their inner eye is more attuned than ours. Polly

Thursday October 8
The Ends of the World

Dear Jonathan,
If reality is an illusion (albeit a persistent one) what is to say that the end of the world doesn't happen every time it is prophesied? We merely enter a parallel universe, our reality seems the same yet subtly different. Nobody, after all, can deny that the world keeps strangely changing! Carol

Dear Jonathan,
According to Wikipedia, there have been 153 FAILED end-of-world predictions. Nina

Dear Nina, Let's make that 154 as, despite the eBible Fellowship's most recent prediction, the world didn't end yesterday. Unless Carol is right and it did... only we didn't notice!

Friday October 9
Home Truths

Hi Jonathan,
A combination of the heart and the energy of everyone who lives in a place gives a home its character. So when people of different signs create that home together, what sort of 'astral energy' does the home develop? My wife and daughter are Cancerian and I'm a Leo. Does the home's spirit become a hybrid of our signs? Adam

Dear Adam, Yes, but it is more complicated than that! We each have all twelve signs in our full personal horoscopes. Never do these interact in exactly the same way. Which is why every home is subtly different!

Saturday October 10
Your Week Ahead

It seems the public imagination has been captured by the idea that Mercury's retrograde phases are undesirable. Social networks are full of people blaming all their woes on this. Whenever a retrograde phase is announced, comment boxes overflow with anguish. Yet, in my experience, this frequent phenomenon is quite harmless! I respect, of course, the right of others to disagree and, just in case any are reading this, I should point out that Mercury's latest retrograde has just ended! Perhaps that's what makes it a good week. Though I think we can put that down to the New Moon!

Sunday October 11
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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