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October 12 2015 to October 18 2015

Monday October 12
Sun Signs

Dear Jonathan,
I'm a Leo but my Moon and Mercury are in Virgo. I often find your reading for Virgo very applicable. What is your take on this? Nicole

Dear Nicole, Since 1986, I have answered such queries with an emphatic statement. No matter which 'experts' advise otherwise, my forecasts are Sun sign forecasts. They do not apply to your Moon, Rising or Mercury sign. Only... now, I'm performing experiments. I reserve the right to work differently one day. Till then, Nicole: please read Leo. Everyone else: you read more than one sign at your own risk (of confusion!)

Tuesday October 13
Pink Void

Once again, we are in 'the Dark of the Moon.' This, I must add, is nothing to do with the album 'Dark Side Of The Moon.' The old Pink Floyd hit refers to the fact that the Moon does not rotate. We only ever see the side that reflects sunlight back to us. The 'flip side' of the Moon always faces distant space. Thus it is eternally dark! But, just as the Moon has many phases, the Dark Moon has many phrases! To astrologers it means a time, like now, when no Moon can be seen in the sky.

Wednesday October 14
Dark of the Moon

The Moon and Sun may be millions of miles apart but astrologers speak of them being together when, once a month, they align at the same degree of the zodiac. Soon the Moon will be far enough apart from the Sun to reflect back some of its light. Really we should call this the 'New Moon' for it brings our first sight of this satellite after it has vanished from view. Yet the term 'New Moon' officially describes the moment when there's no Moon to be seen. Astrologers and mystics prefer to call this the Dark of The Moon.

Thursday October 15
Enlightenment Ahoy

Hi Ya Jonathan,
Your reader, Carol, speculated that the end of the world as prophesied had happened and we are all now living in a parallel universe! I believe the world will end when it has run its course and when it is time, not when humans say it is going to. As for anyone who says, 'what about a nuclear attack?', I think that humankind is coming to the realisation that we don't really need nuclear weapons. One day enlightenment will stretch across the planet. Brenda

Hi Ya Brenda, And will the lion lie down with the lamb?

Friday October 16
World's End

Hello Jonathan,
When people talk about the end of the world they're referring to a physical event. I see it on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels as well. In the past much was viewed only from a physical, material perspective. But it is possible that the 'end of the world' may merely mean the ending of a process that means a lot to us. I know for myself and most people around me that our lives have significantly changed over the past few years. There has been an 'end of the world' as we knew it. Arté Ma

Saturday October 17
Your Week Ahead

Before 1781, Saturn was believed to be the planet that patrolled the edge of our solar system. Fitting for a traditional symbol of barriers and boundaries. Then, thanks to the recently invented telescope, came the discovery of Uranus. Unsurprisingly, Uranus was seen as a sign of unexpected change. It still represents the idea that the world need not be bound by convention. Once in a while, these two form an antagonistic angle. Astrologers see this as a portent - the old resisting the new - before the new inevitably wins out. Such an alignment occurs towards the end of this week.

Sunday October 18
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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