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October 26 2015 to November 1 2015

Monday October 26
Super Powered Super Moon

Officially, the opposition of the Sun and Moon doesn't complete till tomorrow but to all intents and purposes, we've got a Full Moon on our hands today. And not just any old Full Moon. A Super-sized, Super-strength, Supermoon; the last one in 2015. If regular Full Moons serve up tension and drama, Supermoons have the potential to dole it out most generously. Happily, every Full Moon is a time when those who want to do something positive about changing their lives can set successful processes in motion. It is time to discover and unleash your Super-power!

Tuesday October 27

How Super is the Supermoon? If it is the same as a normal Full Moon yet supersized, should we be wary? Consider those offers, in fast food outlets, to 'Go large for just a few coins more.' Don't they end up making us eat more than we should? A policy of portion control may be harder to implement when someone is piling up plenty on our plate but we aren't under any obligation to take it all on board. No matter what sign you are, if big issues arise today, just remember to stop when you have had enough!

Wednesday October 28
Peace and Love Baby!

The Supermoon is not the only big astrological influence now. There's also a triple conjunction of Venus, Mars and Jupiter. If you get up early and look East, you can see it! While this is auspicious for us all, it offers particular encouragement to anyone who seeks to access creativity, harness productivity or address injustice. Babies born under this alignment should all grow up with a special gift for peace-making. I'm delighted to say that the latest addition to my own proud collection of grandchildren came into the world last week with this triple conjunction in his birth chart!

Thursday October 29
Balance Enquiry

Hi Jonathan,
I know this is an odd request but I'm wondering if you could focus this week's Scorpio stars on the suggestion that a recent choice is the wrong one. The person born under this sign should follow love with their soulmate not what everyone else wants! Anonymous

Dear Anonymous, I have 'redacted' your name (and changed the zodiac sign) because I'm sure you didn't intend your letter for publication. I sympathise deeply with your desperate wish to get someone to change their mind about something... but I'm afraid the cheque that you enclosed wasn't large enough!

Friday October 30
Hello to Halloween

I couldn't resist cracking a joke yesterday. For the record (and the benefit of those who didn't find it funny) there's no fee for which I would ever agree to alter a word of any zodiac forecast. I make such an effort to be neutral that I often prefer not to be told people's birth details in case it colours my view. On that note, it is time to extend Samhain greetings, to say Happy Hallowe'en and to issue a reminder. Despite the close pass of asteroid 2015 TB145 tomorrow, once again the end of the world is NOT nigh!

Saturday October 31
Your November Monthly Forecast

Earlier this year, Mars formed angles of 150 degrees, first to Neptune, then Pluto which were (and still are) separated by an angle of approximately 60 degrees. Traditional astrologers have a name for a shape in the sky like this. A Yod. It is also known, in myth and legend, as a Finger of Fate. In November, Mars forms a different pair of powerful alignments to both Neptune and Pluto. These can be interpreted as a poignant echo of the same celestial message. Once again, the cosmos is beckoning. Destinies can be fulfilled and aspirations can come to fruition.

Sunday November 1
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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