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November 9 2015 to November 15 2015

Monday November 9
Lack of Judgement

Dear Jonathan,
Sometimes, after I have gone through a crisis, after a certain amount of anguish, light dawns. I look back on my past actions and attitudes. I see them as having been harmful, ignorant and, in a sense, dark; whereas, at the time, they just felt like mistakes. Privately I might, for want of a better word, categorise these things as wrong or bad. I suspect that, in this sense, everyone is, at times, bad or wrong. But I agree with what you said last week. None of us can really judge ourselves, let alone each other! Doug

Tuesday November 10
Trick of the Lack of Moonlight

Once again, we are in the Dark of The Moon. Once again, there's magic in the air. Once again, our innermost voices can be heard. This is not necessarily because they have become louder. They may still only be whispering, but somehow, there's less noise drowning them out. It is as if, during this brief, regular, heavenly phase, the world becomes quieter or people become more receptive. Maybe it's both. Life on Earth now mirrors a cosmic example, in that the absence of moonlight makes it possible to notice many stars that are usually too faint to see.

Wednesday November 11
Dark of the Moon

If you seek deeper understanding of some complex matter - or you hope to discover the meaning of a mystery, the Dark of The Moon may bring a profound insight. This particular New Moon is auspicious. It forms a close, harmonious alignment with Jupiter. While the Moon is hidden from view, many sensitive souls find they become more likely to experience revelations. When the dark Moon aligns, albeit invisibly, with the planet of hope, faith and justice, people don't just see what has previously been hidden. They see what constructive steps they can now take to act on that information!

Thursday November 12
Critical Judgement

Dear Jonathan,
Not only can we not judge ourselves - 'if only we could see ourselves as others see us' - but who are we to pass judgement on others' behaviour without full knowledge of the reasons for their actions? I contend that in everyone there is part angel, part devil. It is up to each of us to control which of these strong opposing impulses will show itself. Emina

Dear Emina,
Indeed, although as Doug, who wrote in earlier this week also said 'it is a virtue to be able to take criticism.' When someone judges you, you may benefit!

Friday November 13
Unlucky For Nobody!

Hi Jonathan,
When studying astrology, I find the words Fall and Exalt. I'm a Gemini and Venus is supposed to be my Fall while Saturn is my Exalt. But I thought Venus was supposed to be a friend and Saturn not so friendly? Joe

Dear Joe,
As far as we know, concepts of 'Exaltation' and 'Fall' date back to the ancient Mesopotamians who felt that when passing through certain zodiac signs, even friendly planets could turn nasty. Unfriendly planets, they thought, became less anti-social when in their favourite places. Some modern astrologers agree. Others, don't. More next week.

Today is Friday the 13th. Japanese and Spanish readers won't even know why this is supposed to be unlucky. And, actually, because it isn't unlucky at all... nor will anyone else!

Saturday November 14
Your Week Ahead

Since mid June, Neptune has been retrograde. As Neptune can only be viewed with a telescope, it adds an interesting wrinkle to the idea that a reversing planet is just an optical illusion. How can it be an optical illusion when there is nothing to see? There's an even sweeter strangeness here, in the traditional belief that Neptune is the planet that we astrologers expect to govern mystery... and illusion! As it changes direction and starts moving forward once more this week we should expect more peculiarities, paradoxes and perhaps, too, some delightful secrets to start coming to light.

Sunday November 15
Tragedy in Paris

I have long believed this world is becoming safer and saner. I still see this, despite the Paris tragedy. Countless millions want only to live in peace. To give that peace a chance, we should try to want nothing but good, even for those who want nothing but bad! There aren't as many extremists as we may fear, just a few who manage to make their presence felt. Whilst guarding against their anger, we should overcome our own and keep faith in human kindness. We have just seen a terrible moment in history not a glimpse of the future.

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