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November 16 2015 to November 22 2015

Monday November 16
A Safer Saner World

I have long believed this world is becoming safer and saner. I still see this, despite the Paris tragedy. Countless millions want only to live in peace. To give that peace a chance, we should try to want nothing but good, even for those who want nothing but bad! There aren't as many extremists as we may fear, just a few who manage to make their presence felt. Whilst guarding against their anger, we should overcome our own and keep faith in human kindness. We have just seen a terrible moment in history not a glimpse of the future.

Tuesday November 17
Kepler Vector

Aspects, angles or alignments provide the most crucial insight to astrologers. Whenever I cast a chart, far more than I ever want to know 'which planet is in which sign?' I want to know 'which planet is forming what alignment with which other celestial body?' That's always going to tell me whether an outlook is easy or challenging, and why! It was the great 16th-century astronomer, Johannes Kepler, who had most to say about how revealing this particular information could be. His writings on this subject inspired me when I was a student. I still respect his views.

Wednesday November 18
Typical Cancerian

Dear Mr Cainer,
I became interested in astrology because, when I was young, a friend said to me, 'You are so Cancerian!' I asked, 'Why, what's a Cancerian supposed to be like?' She showed me a book containing all the different signs and their traits. I was, and still am, a typical Cancerian. How can you say that nobody is typical of their sign? Brenda

Dear Brenda,
Our signs tend to reflect the traits and characteristics we are most likely to think of ourselves as having! There's a subtle but potentially significant difference between that and actually having them!

Thursday November 19
The Mighty Fall

Last week, a reader asked about planets in 'Fall' and 'Exaltation.' Some astrologers still emulate the ancient Mesopotamians and envisage heavenly objects behaving 'better' while passing through some signs and becoming less helpful while in others. I do this myself, to some extent, when I mention 'the ruler of a sign'. A rulership is also known as a 'dignity'. A celestial body passing through a sign that is opposite its 'place of dignity' is traditionally considered to be in its 'detriment'. But there are other factors that I take rather more seriously. As I explained earlier this week.

Friday November 20
Careful What You Wish For

Dear Jonathan,
Sometimes, you say, 'Be careful what you wish for', especially when the planets suggest this may be attainable. Some spiritual teachings say our desires are expressions of our higher mind and we create our reality from these. Other traditions tell us to meditate and find our true inner being who is detached from likes, dislikes and desires. Aren't these opposing ideas? Audrie

Dear Audrie, Not all desires are expressions of our 'higher mind'! We can't be sure of ourselves unless we have found our true inner being! That's why I say: 'Be careful what you wish for!'

Saturday November 21
Your Week Ahead

There are 360 degrees in the great celestial circle that astronomers call the ecliptic and astrologers call the zodiac. How big is one degree? Viewed from here, it is about the size of a Full Moon. This week's Full Moon takes place between the Sun at 3 degrees of Sagittarius and the Moon at 3 degrees of Gemini. As Saturn is at 6 degrees of Sagittarius, it definitely becomes a part of this alignment. That suggests a Full Moon during which many become aware of where their limits lie and some may also see how to go beyond these.

Sunday November 22
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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