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November 23 2015 to November 29 2015

Monday November 23
Full Moon Ahead

One glance at tonight's sky will explain all you need to know about what kind of week we have in store. The moment of exact opposition between the heavens' brightest pair of luminaries comes just before midnight (UK time) on Wednesday. A midweek Full Moon is often not as immediately intense as one that occurs at a weekend when more alcohol tends to be drunk and people, perhaps have more time to wind one another up into various states of frenzy but this Full Moon is due to become part of an unusual 'T Square' pattern, as I shall explain tomorrow. Local times for the exact moment of this week's Full Moon: Wednesday: LA: 2.44pm; Toronto/NYC; 5.44pm; UK: 10.44pm; Madrid/Paris/Rome 11.44pm. Thursday: Athens/Cape Town/Istanbul: 00.44am; Dubai: 2.44am; Mumbai/New Delhi: 4.14am; Beijing/HK/KL/Perth/Singapore: 6.44am; Queensland: 8.44am; Melbourne/Sydney: 9.44am

Tuesday November 24
Povocative Square

Soon, when the Sun and Moon align exactly opposite each other they will each occupy the third degrees of Sagittarius and Gemini respectively. It's a good job the zodiac is only a two-dimensional projection of an apparent trajectory or that third degree of Sagittarius would be crowded. In the same 'place', albeit millions of miles apart, are Mercury and Saturn. They can't be seen, though. They are too close to the Sun for that. Nor, with the naked eye, can we see Neptune. But this distant giant is forming a provocative 'square' to the Full Moon. More tomorrow.

Wednesday November 25
T Square Time

This Full Moon is unusual. The Sun, now exactly opposite the Moon, forms a triple conjunction to Mercury and Saturn. The celestial drama takes place while Neptune is at a 90-degree angle to them all. We call that a T-Square and see it as a suggestion of potent opportunity. Astrologers don't think that Jupiter, almost (but not exactly) opposite Neptune, is in quite close enough range of that T-Square to turn the planetary pattern into a Grand Cross, but we do expect a powerful time during which emotions run high - yet we see positive new possibilities.

Thursday November 26
Love Without Borders

If we can make our fears more realistic by taking them too seriously, we can make our brightest visions more attainable by trusting that they will come to pass. In the current cosmic climate, we should remember there's a big difference between a world that's 'on the brink' and one that fears being on that brink. Many believe that, just as we all breathe the same air, we all contribute with every thought, to a global atmosphere. Even the most seemingly isolated expressions of love, faith and healing know no borders or boundaries. That's my strong view, too!

Friday November 27
Sign in Exaltation

Dear Jonathan,
I write in reference to recent comments regarding a planet being 'exalted' in a particular sign. I believe there has been a tremendous misunderstanding of the term. The word 'exalted' was originally intended simply to convey the idea that a planet's effect in a sign was intensified. Our evaluation of many horoscopes would change significantly for the better if we were to apply this interpretation to the term. Ben

Dear Ben, That's a fascinating etymological suggestion that has never occurred to me. Let's open up this discussion to the astrological community. Colleagues, could he be right?

Saturday November 28
Your December Monthly Forecast

Though many intriguing alignments are due in December, I feel drawn to one that happens on Christmas Day itself. There may be no astrological justification for this festival (other, perhaps, than it marks the end of the Solstice) yet because it is taken so seriously in so many places, there is often a greater sensitivity to heavenly influences that coincide with the traditional season. The planet Uranus, symbol of innovation and positive, if sudden, social change, has been retrograde for some while. At Christmas it stations, then changes direction. That may bring many a delightful surprise.

Sunday November 29
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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