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November 30 2015 to December 6 2015

Monday November 30
I've Got the Sun in the Morning and the Moon at Night

Dear Jonathan,
My Sun sign is in Aries, but it's also part of a stellium in the 12th house. My moon is in Aquarius in the 11th house. No one has ever described me as a typical Aries. There is so much more in play than the Sun sign! Linda

Dear Jonathan,
If, as you say, the Sun sign tends to reflect the traits and characteristics we are most likely to think of ourselves as having, then does the Moon sign reflect the characteristics that we actually have? Hélène

Dear Hélène, Well, the Moon sign certainly reflects some of them.

Tuesday December 1
Meaning of the Meanings

Whether astrology is true or not, I'd still like to know how people came up with all the meanings they assign to the planets and their positions? Someone must have started it. Jim

Dear Jim, The tone of your letter neatly reflects our current Age of Skepticism. Astrology, though, is a belief system, as 'true' as any other traditional creed or doctrine. Several learned reference books offer a long answer to your question. In short, though, we know that many different ancient cultures seem to have viewed the key performers on the celestial stage in surprisingly similar ways.

Wednesday December 2
Auspicious Christmas

As I look ahead to later this month, I notice two unusual celestial developments are due on Christmas day itself. In themselves, they aren't so strange. Uranus changes direction for a while once a year, every year. There's a Full Moon once a month, every month. But for either event to occur on December 25 is rare. Indeed, in 2016 my daily zodiac column will have its 30th anniversary and I can't recall it ever happening before! There's nothing in this to be concerned about. It means excitement and the potential of positive change for all in this festive season.

Thursday December 3
Exaltation Explanation

Hi Jonathan,
I am a practising professional astrologer in India. I write in response to your remarks about planets in 'exaltation'. When a guest enters someone's home and is made to feel happy and comfortable, doesn't that happy guest also lend positivity to the home? CV Srikanth

Dear CV, Most astrologers, eastern or western, sidereal or tropical, traditional or modern, would agree, but my reader was making a different point. Ben was suggesting that, although we think we now know what our ancient predecessors thought about the term 'exalted', they may have simply taken the word to mean 'intensified'.

Friday December 4
Moving On

Dear Jonathan,
I agree with Ben regarding the interpretation of planets in signs of 'exaltation'. I feel the same applies to planets considered to be in a sign of 'fall'. I am a Pisces, with Mercury in Pisces, which is not considered the best place for Mercury. I am an astrologer and psychic. While Mercury in Pisces means I am not always great at detail, it helps me visualise and empathise. I feel that ancient astrologers developed ideas of exaltation and fall according to what was valued in their time. Helen

Saturday December 5
Your Week Ahead

This week takes us into the Dark of the Moon, a time when people often become more sensitive and receptive to the voice of their own intuition. We can all expect to develop ways to understand our current situation and see positive prospects for 2016. The New Moon, at the end of the week, is especially auspicious. It forms a harmonious alignment with the opposition between Mars and Uranus. It is not just a week for new ideas and inspiring insights; it is a time when action can be taken and constructive new plans can be set in motion.

Sunday December 6
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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