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December 28 2015 to January 3 2016

Monday December 28

Seeing the Signs

More Sally Fisher Art here.

Normally, I insist that the forecasts on this page apply to Sun Signs only. Some astrologers say their work can equally reflect other planetary placements, but I don't see my readings as automatically 'transposable.' I do, though, understand that some people wish they were. Together with my nephew, Oscar, also a qualified astrologer, I have been developing an experiment. Drawing on an extensive library of predictions, we have modified this week's readings. Until New Year's Day, you can consult your usual sign in the usual way or, if you know it, you can read for your Moon or Rising Sign too!

Tuesday December 29

Sun and Moon and Rising Signs

More Sally Fisher Art here.

For this week only, I am lifting my insistence on only one reading, per person per day. If you happen to know your Moon sign or your Rising Sign and if this is different to your 'Sun Sign', you can consult your usual forecast, then consult any other relevant prediction. I am conducting this experiment, with my nephew Oscar, who is also a qualified astrologer. We both dispute suggestions, made by some, that such multiple readings are always legitimate but by drawing on an extensive library, we have modified this week's predictions for that purpose. Please share your feedback.

Wednesday December 30

Family Business

More Sally Fisher Art here.

My nephew, Oscar, is also a qualified astrologer. This week, here on this page, he and I are running an experiment. We've drawn on our library of predictions to create forecasts that apply, equally, to people's Sun-signs, Moon-signs or Rising Signs. Some astrologers claim that this can always be done but we feel it only works if the forecasts are specially prepared for that purpose. If you don't know your other astrological birth placements and thus feel you can't join in, just read your regular forecast. If the experiment goes well, we'll repeat it next year... offering the information you'll need.

Thursday December 31

Clumsy Calendar

More Sally Fisher Art here.

What a clumsy calendar we use to measure time. For some reason, long ago, someone decided that if there were 365 and a quarter days in a 'Solar year' we could divide them into a bunch of strangely sized months and deal with the difference once every four years. Why we didn't just use the Moon to measure months, I still don't understand. Absolutely nothing in the sky tonight tells us it is 'New Year'. That said... Happy New Year! PS: Oscar and I continue our experiment, today, with multiple readings from our library, as explained earlier this week.

I will be appearing with Jools Holland very late tonight on BBC2. I intend to tell him plenty about next year's amazing Transit of Mercury!

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