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February 2 2015 to February 8 2015

Monday February 2
Altitude Quickness

Dear Jonathan,
If clocks move faster in weaker gravity (at higher altitudes) it is because everything moves faster. The speed of time represents the ease of the motion of matter and energy through space, the effects can be seen most clearly on the outskirts of galaxies or in the expansion of the universe, and because light is used to measure distance, Pluto itself is actually further away, moving faster than it appears. Michael

Dear Michael,
Thank you for this. I, er... may need to speed towards my own future at a slightly higher altitude before I properly understand it!

Tuesday February 3
Hope for the Best

Hello Jonathan,
Earlier this month I moved to a new home, leaving my old one because I had been in conflict with someone. I'm sure I did the right thing. Since then I've been hoping the whole situation is finally resolved, yet worrying in case it isn't. I wonder if it is always useful to know that trouble is imminent or if that just makes us more 'on edge'. If we fear the worst, isn't it harder to live in the moment? Jeffrey

Dear Jeffrey,
It is. And if we fear the worst, we make the worst more likely!

Wednesday February 4
At the Present Time

Hi Jonathan,
You recently shared a letter from Paul, who spoke of time being an illusion. I find it to be a gift, a courtesy and curiosity of this benign universe. The gift has a perceived value that is directly determined by how we spend it, to whom we lend it to and for what purpose. An illusion? Perhaps not - unless we let it pass us by, when it certainly becomes illusive. Martin

Dear Martin,

Illusive? Or elusive? Either way, they do say, 'There's no time like the present. And no present like the gift of time.'

Thursday February 5
Lunar Longer

This week began with a Full Moon in Leo. Right by the Moon that night, was Jupiter, planet of justice, jollity, generosity and expansion. The Sun, which back then was opposite the Moon, has now slipped a couple of degrees further along Aquarius so it is edging ever closer to an exact opposition to Jupiter. It's as if the Full Moon has been granted an extension. This may be why many of us have found the last few days so intense. We may yet experience more drama, adventure and challenge. Those of us who are still hoping for extra magic.... may yet find it!

Friday February 6
Alright Angle

Dear Jonathan,
Events in the Middle East are horrendous. Recent violence in Europe suggests extremist sympathisers are everywhere. The violence and bloodshed, as one Arab nation after the next descends into chaos, is frightening. Then there is Iran's determination to build nuclear weapons. I see we are approaching the last in the series of seven right angles between Uranus and Pluto, this March. Do you still hold out hope that humanity will not descend into the inhuman destruction that followed the last set of similar alignments, in the 1930-40s? Rachael

Dear Rachael,
I do. It's different this time.

Saturday February 7
Your Week Ahead

As Mars and Venus edge towards a conjunction, people are beginning to find fresh hope in their hearts. Hope is a funny thing. Whilst some insist it must have logical justification, it is a feeling. Emotions aren't supposed to make sense. They are what they are. And either we allow ourselves to experience them or we strive to suppress them. Why should you (or indeed, any of us) hold back hope? There is absolutely no reason. And even if there were, the imminent end of Mercury's retrograde phase will soon produce many concrete arguments in favour of increased positivity.

Sunday February 8
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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