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February 9 2015 to February 15 2015

Monday February 9
The Star Buck Stops Here

Hi Jonathan,
I had trouble understanding those recent letters about time and how 'it' goes faster high above the Earth. Isn't time just a 'yardstick? If you hold a ruler in your hand and wave it around in the air, are you affecting 'distance' in some manner? Time, it seems to me, is just a gauge; an idea, the specifics of which we've all agreed upon but the experience of which is personally unique. Does this make sense? Or have I drunk too much coffee? Winifred

Dear Winifred,

Who can ever say how much coffee, 'too much coffee' is?

Tuesday February 10
Fearing the Worst

I recently shared a letter that explained how the major astrological alignments now influencing the world are similar to those we saw during the early 1930s. Reminding us that terrible things are happening, especially (though not exclusively) in the Middle East, the writer challenged my assertion that this need not herald another world war. I didn't have space for a long answer. I just said, 'If we fear the worst, we make the worst more likely!' In response, a short letter from 'Paul' says: 'As a paranoid schizophrenic, I'm certain that isn't true.' Er, no comment!

Wednesday February 11
A Matter of Time

Hello Jonathan,
I'm responding to a letter you shared about time moving slower or faster. The writer said, 'The speed of time represents the ease of the motion of matter and energy through space'. I can relate that to a few things. When I'm doing something or going somewhere and I'm at ease, I feel I have more time. When I'm paying attention fully to what I'm doing and not thinking about seven other things, time also slows down. So there's motion (movement), matter (me), and energy (expenditure). Others have said the same. So time is relational. Arte

Thursday February 12
Unlucky for Some

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th. Some people think that's lucky. Somehow, just feeling the day is lucky makes them luckier. Some say it's unlucky. If things go wrong for them tomorrow, they'll be even more convinced there's something in this belief. 'Now what,' I hear you wonder, 'gives an astrologer the right to comment on superstition? Isn't astrology just superstition too?' Good question. Now let me ask you one. Saturday the 14th of February is when millions around the world expect their lives to become more romantic. What gives rise to that expectation? Astrology works differently... as I'll explain tomorrow.

Friday February 13
Under the Influence

There's confusion about how Friday the 13th got its reputation for being lucky. Or unlucky. There's confusion too, about which it is supposed to be! Perhaps it is lucky for optimists, unlucky for pessimists. One thing's for sure, though. The day got its reputation through popular mythology, not scientific proof. Nor is tomorrow Valentine's Day because, when someone did the math, they discovered an unexpectedly large number of fluttering hearts. Astrologers may influence expectations with our predictions but we say planetary alignments affect people's lives in the same way, whether or not they have been told what to expect.

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Saturday February 14
Your Week Ahead

Happy Valentine's Day. Unless, that is, you are reading these words after the 14th, in which case, may I be the first to wish you this for next year! Perhaps, by then you might be in with a chance. Such events annoy astrologers. They have no cosmic authority. They are not determined according to the movements of the celestial spheres. Even so, I have attempted to honour the spirit of the celebration by commencing each week ahead forecast with a quote from a famous romantic. And there is a New Moon coming up. That may yet help the mood.

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Sunday February 15
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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