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March 7 2016 to March 13 2016

Monday March 7

Eclipse Ahoy!

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This week's eclipse will be visible from Indonesia where, last week, there was a dreadful earthquake. Many astrologers might see a symbolic connection in this but eclipses don't just affect the places from which they are visible. Psychologically, they influence us all. They represent turning points; decisive moments, apparent ends followed by bright beginnings. Often they herald crisis followed by resolution, disasters which precede recovery or some kind of collapse that precedes a revival! The issues raised may be emotional, physical, political or economic depending on other cosmic conditions and factors in our full personal birth charts.

Tuesday March 8

Rebirth and Renewal

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When the Sun, Moon and the Earth make a rare, special alignment that allows us to see an eclipse, astrologers get excited. We expect people all over the world to start feeling as if they've gone about as far as they can in one direction. Now, they somehow either have to start retracing their steps or re-inventing rules they once followed. Just prior to realising this is necessary, there may come a moment when it seems as if all is lost or an ending has arrived. But an eclipse is always about glorious, inspiring rebirth and renewal!

Wednesday March 9

Cosmic Cold War

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Most world leaders ask astrologers to be discreet when they consult them. Nancy Reagan, with classic Cancerian candour, made no secret of her interest in the cosmic clock. She consulted it frequently to check whether it was the right time for her husband to make decisions. I was once asked on TV about this by Jeremy Paxman. I explained that where normally, we'd expect a major global event to roughly coincide with a cosmic alignment, the Gorbachev/Reagan Summits were happening to the very moment. It was, we agreed, 'suspiciously auspicious!' Mind you... those summits ended the Cold War.

Thursday March 10

George Martin

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Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, is the sign of structure, strength and stability. George Martin was born under this sign. Did he imbue the Beatles with these qualities? It seems he certainly provided 'support'. In particular, the support they needed to push the envelope of what was possible in pop, to escape the realm of the ephemeral and to earn their place in a pantheon of timeless musical legends. I'd love to say that when I met him, briefly once, I sensed his talent and importance. But mainly, what I recall from his handshake was the genuine warmth it conveyed.

Friday March 11

Astrology in Thailand

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Just as Nancy and Ronald Reagan were great believers in astrology, other world leaders have been guided by heavenly alignments. Some still are. The people of Thailand are currently concerned about the planet we call Uranus. It is reaching the end of an 84 year cycle around the national chart which, they fear, signifies impending economic and political change. They may be right, not least because expectations so vast, once set, tend to become self fulfilling prophecies. We should all remember the purpose of astrology is not to oblige us to accept some unalterable destiny but to help take power over the future.

Saturday March 12

Your Week Ahead

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You might not have seen last week's solar eclipse, but it will have had an impact on you. This might explain why you've been feeling restless lately, and are now keen to turn to your forecast to see whether things are due to get easier. You'll be feeling that way, regardless of what sign you were born under, because powerful events like this touch us all. As too, will the coming conjunction between Venus and Neptune. It stirs up a universal belief in the possibility that dreams may be fulfilled. And for many of us, they may indeed be!

Sunday March 13

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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