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March 14 2016 to March 20 2016

Monday March 14

Parallel Portals of Possibility

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A reader called Bran recently asked about 'parallel worlds.' I have since been regretting my curt, dismissive comment. Just as surely as there can be no proof of these, there can be none to confirm that they don't exist! As some people, in some places, will still be talking about a glorious eclipse that they witnessed last week, I should point out that some astrologers don't just interpret an eclipse as an indication of rebirth and renewal. They see it as a suggestion that a 'portal of possibility' is opening; one that may briefly allow 'traffic' between such realms!

Tuesday March 15

Moon Market

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Dear Jonathan,
Do the phases of the Moon influence the stock market? I suspect whatever the markets are doing before the new or full moon will usually alter at its passing. I wonder if you would comment on astrology and the stock market one day in your introduction. John

Dear John, Financial astrology is not my specialist subject. I explored the area when I was a student but I decided to focus on the cosmic cycles that affect people's hearts not their wallets. My colleagues who do advise investors, though, say they follow the Moon's movements very closely.

Wednesday March 16

Staying Objective

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Dear Jonathan,
I would like to hear your take on the US presidential election. Jo

Dear Jonathan,
You have previously avoided making political predictions, yet now you seem to be predicting the future of the European Union. What do you personally feel on the matter? Ross

Dear Ross, Dear Jo, I feel able to say something about the EU because I don't have a strong personal view either way. I don't feel able to predict the outcome of the US election because I have such a strong personal feeling about one of the candidates, I don't trust myself to be objective.

Thursday March 17

One or the Other

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Hi Jonathan,
I'm a big Arsenal fan. I remember when you predicted a bumper year for them in 2002. They did the double! Can you see success for the Gunners this season? Arsene Wenger is also approaching 20 years at the club. Tony

Hi Tony, I was younger then and more willing to make world event predictions. I'd never be so bold now, not because I mistrust my powers but because I'm trying to learn discretion. Here, and in the US election plus the EU referendum, a prediction from me is only going to anger whoever it doesn't favour!

Friday March 18

Paranormal Activity

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Hi, Jonathan,
Studies done at MIT, Yale, and Princeton universities show science is proving how the paranormal isn't all nonsense. They have demonstrated that auras are legitimate, at least to someone with an open mind. Shane

Hi Shane, You haven't cited details of those studies. Esotericists, though, shouldn't 'need' science to 'prove' anything to anyone. Telepaths, mystics or astrologers don't require a stick with which to beat the global community of sceptics. Those people are entitled to all the doubt and suspicion they may wish to wallow in. We should just be happy to know what we have experienced.

Saturday March 19

Your Week Ahead

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Just as the date of Chinese New Year is determined by the Moon, so is the date of Easter. In the case of the Chinese calendar, a New Moon triggers the change, whereas Christianity, it seems, is more of a Full Moon culture. This week's Full Moon occurs just after the Equinox, on the same day as a right angle between Jupiter and Saturn which only happens twice a decade or so. It is a time for challenging the established order and replacing convention with innovation. Expect drama and a little tension then the eventual emergence of bright hope.

Sunday March 20

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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