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March 21 2016 to March 27 2016

Monday March 21


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At the Equinox, when days and nights are of equal length, people want to rebalance, restructure and re-order their lives. It's a time to clear out clutter, simplify complication and create order from chaos. Some of us may tidy messy areas of our homes. Others may experience an urge to re-think solutions to problems. Anything tangled can be straightened out now.

Two comets, in quick succession, will soon pass close to the Earth. There's no danger of collision. You'll need a telescope to see them. But there may be deep symbolism in this pair of 'agent provocateurs'.

Tuesday March 22

Easter Time

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If you're wondering why Easter falls so early this year, see the sky tonight. The rules which govern the dates of this festival are complicated but somewhere in the mix of factors that determine the date is a rule that says it can't happen until after the first Full Moon following the Equinox. You might think that, as Easter remembers the Last Supper, the Jewish feast of Passover would also be due this coming weekend too! But somewhere along the road of theological astrological history, the road forked. That festival won't occur till the Full Moon after this one!

Wednesday March 23

Home and Away

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Not only is there a Full Moon, Jupiter forms a square (or right angle) to Saturn today. Such alignments occur every five years or so and, when there's retrograde motion, can last several months. They signify a time when, wherever we go, even if we just look within ourselves, we see pessimism and optimism arm-wrestling each other. Or we hear cheers rising from imaginary stadiums, as teams in favour of 'staying home' battle teams determined to 'play away'. Nobody ever wins from conflict but as both planets are in 'mutable' signs now, there's potential for a happy compromise.

Thursday March 24

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Dear Jonathan,
Just when life seems so right, it goes wrong again. Is it true that you can't have good things without bad consequences? I can't feel positive about anything any more as I feel so sure a negative thing will balance it out. Zena

Dear Zena, Some spiritual traditions use the term 'duality' to suggest that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. 'There's a down for every up, a bad for every good.' Or so they say. It used to worry me too. Then I realised, duality itself must have another side, namely, singularity! Please, relax!

Friday March 25

Parallel Worlds

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Dear Jonathan,
You recently wrote about parallel worlds. Whilst proof is not yet forthcoming, prominent scientists hypothesise a multiverse. The singularity at the centre of a black hole gives rise to a new universe via a giant explosion (a big bang!). If this is true, parallel worlds do exist but will only be parallel for as long as it takes us to work out how to pass between them. Once we can do that, they will constitute the new universe, much bigger than we thought before! Richard

Dear Richard, Why then, has that not already happened in a parallel world?

Saturday March 26

Your Week Ahead

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Saturn officially begins a retrograde phase this week. Some astrologers, you may have noticed, have discouraging things to say about such phases. Yet they are often equally unenthusiastic about Saturn. I don't share their views on either astrological influence but if I did, I'd have a question. If Saturn is 'bad' and 'retrograde' is 'bad', then don't two negatives, here, make a positive? If the planet of restriction is, itself, being restricted, presumably it is a good week for making progress and overcoming obstacles. Actually, for this plus other reassuring signs and symbols in the sky, it is!

Sunday March 27

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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