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March 28 2016 to April 3 2016

Monday March 28

Blame it on the Merc

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Dear Jonathan,
As my special 'I have reached a certain age' birthday is in May, I'd like to know if there is an adverse effect because Mercury is due to go retrograde a few days before. Kelvin

Dear Kelvin, While I can't promise that a retrograde Mercury will let you roll back the years, I can assure you there is no adverse effect from having Mercury turn retrograde just before your birthday. Or after. Nor is a birthday ever a problem while Mercury is retrograde. This phenomenon has become like the mythical 'Mr Nobody' who gets blamed, unfairly, for everything!

Tuesday March 29

MIrror Mirror

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Dear Jonathan,
Some while ago you asked, 'If a tree falls in the forest but there is nobody to hear it, does it make a sound?' More recently, you mentioned the concept of 'duality'. Here's a quote from The Disappearance of The Universe by Gary R. Renard: 'There can be nothing in a mirror without an image that appears to be opposite it, attached to an observer to see it. Without duality there is no tree in the forest... And if duality is a myth, then not only is there no tree, but there is also no universe.' Gerd

Wednesday March 30

Polite Notice

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Yesterday, a reader quoted a book in which the author argued that the only reason the universe exists is because we are in it, noticing that it exists! I've been trying to understand this ever since. Now I know what it must feel like when you turn to one of my zodiac forecasts, hoping for an insight into your day, and you end up having to puzzle over some of my philosophical ramblings! But what do other people think? Is it really true to say that if we were not here to notice it, there would be no world?

Thursday March 31

Free Will

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Hello Jonathan,
Around the time of the equinox, two comets made a very close pass to the Earth in quick succession. I have heard it said by astrologers, including yourself, that a single comet passing Earth means major change. So could those comets herald the collapse of the European Union? Anthony

Dear Anthony, There are, I'm sure, some astrologers who might interpret it that way. Or they might link it to the threatened snap election in Australia. Or the US election. I still believe the future is not entirely written in the heavens. Our actions and choices make a difference.

Friday April 1

April Fool

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Today is April 1, once known as All Fool's Day. An unwritten rule declared that all morning, till the clock struck noon, it was acceptable to tell tall tales. Deceptive behaviour was encouraged. People would compete to see how far they could go in an effort to astound. When they finally put one another out of their misery, they'd declare: 'April Fool!' Why is there less of that around these days? It seems, as the world changes, socially and technologically, it is getting ever harder to invent something unbelievable. The planets suggest even more amazing change await us all!

Saturday April 2

Your April Monthly Forecast

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Mars and Pluto both begin retrograde phases around the middle of April. That suggests a change of pace for many. We won't all wake up one morning and realise it's safe to turn over and go back to sleep but we may gradually start to develop a greater sense of trust in the universe. There's not quite the need to rush and race as, perhaps, once there was. The right things are happening naturally and, even where the wrong things still seem to be occurring, we can slowly see how encouraging changes may yet happen all of their own accord!

Sunday April 3

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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