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April 4 2016 to April 10 2016

Monday April 4

Perfect Timing

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Sometimes I feel a bit 'ahead' of a prediction. When I read what is 'coming', I think, 'Oh, I've already ticked that box.' Is there any validity in this thought? Steve

Dear Steve, You touch here on the greatest technical challenge that I, or any other astrologer, must rise to in the production of a daily prediction column. Each Sun sign is (roughly) 30 days long. An influence may well touch one person before another. Do other readers find me consistently too early or too late? If so, please write in and include your full date of birth.

Tuesday April 5

Dream On

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Hey Jonathan,
Lately I have been having confusing dreams about a boy I'm keen on. He says he misses me but I can't trust him. Why am I dreaming this? I don't think about him during the day. Would you say it is a sign? Jess

Hey Jess, As I often explain, I only interpret horoscopes, not dreams. I do, though, know that the only person who ever talks to you in a dream is yourself! This is your subconscious talking to you, albeit in his voice! Both statements may be true but only the second is worth heeding.

Wednesday April 6

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Dear Jonathan,
In answer to your recent reader's comment, the universe exists because it is a conscious creation. The universe is consciousness in form. Existence is the universe finding consciousness of itself, evolution being our consciousness evolving back to the source of creation. What we see is a reflection of that consciousness. Del

Dear Jonathan,
Your 'universe' query is the same as that old Zen question; does a falling tree makes a sound if no-one is in the forest to hear it? I believe the correct answer is, 'Honestly, haven't you anything better to concern yourself with?' Nick

Thursday April 7

Guardians of the Galaxy

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Dear Jonathan,
I just saw that a comet or asteroid hit Jupiter recently. What do you think is the significance of this (if any) especially for Sag? I'm thinking it must be something great! (...probably because I'm a Sag, ha ha.) Frances

Dear Frances, It is not uncommon for large passing planetesimals to be drawn in by Jupiter's gravity and meet a sticky end. Some, indeed, say that this enormous planet works, with Saturn, as a team of guardians, keeping the inner solar system (i.e. Earth) free from dangerous debris. Tomorrow, I'll discuss the astrological meaning of this.

Friday April 8

Planet 9 is Nigh?

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Will a hidden planet cause Earth's destruction later this month? A current news story suggests as much. If that were true, we wouldn't have to worry about who will win the US Republican nomination or Britain's future in Europe. It would prove that one retired US professor knows more about the cosmos than every other expert. And even if I and all my colleagues shouted 'Don't worry, the end is NOT nigh', who would call us to account if we were wrong? Even so, I confidently promise; 'there IS a future!' Don't max out your credit card this weekend!

Saturday April 9

Your Week Ahead

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Though Jupiter is no longer quite so bright this week, we may catch views of Mercury at sunset; and Venus, briefly, at sunrise. We may also enjoy the sight of Mars and Saturn, relatively close together in the sign of Sagittarius. Jupiter remains roughly at a right angle to them both; the 90 degrees of separation being just about visible to a serious sky-watcher. This all makes for an outlook auspicious for all who seek constructive progress or who find themselves wrestling with awkward impediments from which they may wish that they could be set free.

Sunday April 10

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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