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April 11 2016 to April 17 2016

Monday April 11

These Dreams of Me

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Dear Jonathan,
Thank you for the answer you recently gave to Jess's question about her dream. It gave me a light-bulb moment. I dream vividly and frequently but never thought about those dreams as me talking to myself! I have just watched the inner movie and never wondered where the themes, images and places come from. Wow! Of course, the dream comes from inside my subconscious mind. I haven't yet got my head around that. Perhaps my subconscious will talk me through it tonight. Gayle

Dear Gayle, I never realised that about dreams, either, until someone explained it to me!

Tuesday April 12


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Last week, I shared a question about the comet (or it may have been an asteroid) which recently collided with Jupiter. Should we read meaning into this, asked Frances. I feel we should! It confirms the ancient astrological belief that Jupiter is a 'protector' who symbolises faith in the future. Saturn, similarly, represents 'limitation'. While not as big as Jupiter, it also plays a vital part in rounding up passing space debris before it can get as far as Earth. The gravity of both planets helps humanity. As, too, do the qualities of justice and responsibility that they respectively symbolise.

Wednesday April 13

I Should Be So Lucky

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Dear Jonathan,
Other astrologers provide 'lucky days' along with their readings. I figure they must be days where the signs are smiling on me, work goes well, my kids get along and all the good things in life happen. But an astrologer told me that yesterday was one of my lucky days and I caught the flu and I got a traffic ticket! Do you believe in lucky days? Lisa

Dear Lisa, Even if things don't always go quite the way we want them to, isn't every day that we exist, here on this wonderful planet, a truly lucky day?

Thursday April 14

A Flare for Astrology

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Hi Jonathan,
You consider many heavenly factors when you make your predictions. Do you include solar flares? If not, why not? Duncan.

Duncan, Many astrologers do, indeed, make a special study of these celestial phenomena. They don't, though, use them for predictive work for one good reason. Astrology gained its long-standing association with 'knowing the future' because the forthcoming positions of the planets are the only events that can be foreseen with absolute accuracy. Sunspots and solar flares, like comets, are only as certain as death and taxation. We know they're inevitable but we can't always be sure exactly when!

Friday April 15

Timing Adjustment

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I recently shared a letter from a reader who said that while my forecasts were generally accurate, they tended to come a little too late. As I explained at the time, I'm familiar with this phenomenon. For others, I am too early! In response to the many who have since written in with similar observations on this issue I have slightly adjusted my predictive technique. Let me know if you see a difference over the next few weeks. Though I fear that none of this will make much difference to the person who said I never make any sense!

Saturday April 16

Your Week Ahead

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These days I write so much about retrograde motion, anyone might think the sky was always full of heavenly bodies, changing direction. That, they might also assume, must be why so many people are in a state of flux. They'd be wrong, though. While it is fairly usual for at least one planet to be apparently moving backwards, the actual moments when change occurs happen less often. Nor are these as problematic as some fear. Mars and Pluto both reach a turning point this week. That merely means many of us may change our view of what matters most!

Sunday April 17

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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