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April 25 2016 to May 1 2016

Monday April 25

Evil Eye Opener

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Dear Jonathan,
I responded to an advert offering a free reading. The report I got back seemed accurate enough but it mentioned that I had a curse of the evil eye on me. It had been cast when I was born, by someone who was jealous of my parents. Can this be true? Trudy

Dear Trudy, Look at your reading again. It will contain, somewhere, a chance for you to pay for some special ceremony or talisman that will 'protect' you from the curse. This, I am sorry to say, is an age-old nasty (and entirely empty) trick.

Tuesday April 26


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Hi Jonathan,
My birthday is May 9. Will I be more affected than others by Mercury being visible on that day? Lynette

Hi Jonathan,
Will there be special significance to the Transit of Mercury this year for those whose birthday is May 9? Taisa

Dear Lynette, Dear Taisa, For your birthday to fall on the day of such a phenomenon is fortuitous. It portends an intense year full of change. Yet actually, the Transit of Mercury is so powerful that eventually, one way or another, it will positively transform at least some aspect of life for all of us.

Wednesday April 27

Life and Death

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Many have been talking about the unprecented number of celebrity deaths so far this year. What 'explains' this? As I mentioned recently, it's not the kind of question an ethical astrologer would normally ask. Our work focuses on birth... and life. We don't predict the date or cause of anyone's demise, not least because we risk creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. My ancient predecessors, of course, had no such qualms, as I shall explain tomorrow, when I shall also point out where I suspect, if there is an astrological correlation to this situation, it is most likely to be found.

Thursday April 28

Self Fulfilling Prophesy

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A few centuries ago, an astrologer, if asked to predict the date of someone's demise, might have happily obliged. Attitudes were very different and the idea of 'self-fulfilling prophecy' was unheard of. Some of these experts even left technical notes about the best techniques to use. Modern astrologers studiously ignore such instructions! Even if our predecessors had genuine knowledge, they were unaware of the slow-moving outer planets that have been discovered since 1781. If there is an astrological explanation for the recent sorry spate of celebrity deaths, I suspect it is linked to something in these cycles.

Friday April 29

5 Planets Retrograde

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Next week, for the first time in ten years, five heavenly bodies will be retrograde at the same time. Unlike many of my colleagues who, apparently, weren't around ten years ago to notice, I honestly feel this really isn't such a big deal. But as so many people seem to be concerned about things they have heard or read on the internet... and as I always like to give reassurance where I can, tomorrow, I will directly address what these celestial circumstances may mean for each sign here in a special feature.

Saturday April 30

Your May Monthly Forecast

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Even if you live in a place from where the rare transit of Mercury on May 9 can be seen, you shouldn't look at it without wearing special eclipse glasses. To watch the Sun, even briefly, is to risk damaging the eye. Though Mercury's passage across the solar disc will be most impressive, it won't afford shade for the viewer because it will only appear as a tiny black dot. Happily, we won't need to witness this phenomenon in order to reap the benefit. No matter what sign you are, this month creates the potential for vastly improved communication.

(My article about the five retrograde planets will now appear next week... blame Mercury Retrograde!)

Sunday May 1

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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