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June 6 2016 to June 12 2016

Monday June 6


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Today Venus will be in a direct line behind the Sun. This is called a superior conjunction. For a few weeks or so, the Planet of Love will be very difficult to see, her own light engulfed by the radiance of the Sun. By late July she will be visible once more as the bright Evening Star in the West for about an hour after sunset. As Venus begins this journey, those hoping for a romantic encounter can view this as symbolic of a period where exceptional closeness is more than possible.

Tuesday June 7


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Today, Mercury leaves the 'shadow'. Sounds good, right? It is! Don't worry, the 'shadow' is not as sinister as it sounds. As Mercury continues its journey onwards after a period of retrograde motion, it leaves behind the parts of the sky that it revisited. This can mean breaking free from an issue that has been dogging us. It's time to discover new ground, time to leave problems in the dust, and time to watch as they disappear over the horizon.

Wednesday June 8

The Ancient Art of Astrology

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What does it mean to be a modern astrologer? Crystal balls and dusty tomes are no longer on the syllabus, thank goodness! Once we carried giant books filled with the positions of the planets, but now we're just a mouse-click away from all the information we need, and more. Even though we must move with the times, underlying it all there is a vast body of knowledge. It is paramount to maintain that connection with our ancient art.

Thursday June 9

Rise and Sign

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Dear Oscar,
It is good to see you continuing the work of Jonathan. One thing that has always worried me is whether I should be looking at my rising sign forecast, Leo, as well as my sun sign prediction, Libra, every day. What do you think? Keep up the great work. Jessica

Dear Jessica, Think of it as a morning ritual. The SUN hits your eyes and you begin to wake up. Once you're sure you're awake enough, you can think about RISING!

Friday June 10

Changing Your Neptune

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As the weekend approaches, Neptune appears stationary. Soon it will turn retrograde, but what does this term mean and what effect will it have? From Earth's position, retrograde planets appear to move backwards from the direction they have been travelling. This can last from a few weeks, for Mercury, to months for the outer planets. It's a sign that the planet's influence is changing. Old issues will resurface and we have a chance to put into practice lessons we have learned.

Saturday June 11

Your Week Ahead

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This week, Mercury and Venus change signs, and Neptune, one of the Zodiac's most ponderous travellers, begins the retrograde motion that will last until November. This suggests a period of increased sensitivity for all of us. Emotions will be heightened and our moods may surprise us with their intensity. Keep a pen and paper by your bed. It's a good time to remember your dreams and investigate your inner imaginings. There's a good chance that these may be less ethereal and more tangible. They may point you towards a gentle change in direction that will benefit you.

Sunday June 12

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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