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June 13 2016 to June 19 2016

Monday June 13

Neptune Retrograde

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Today's headline news is that Neptune is turning retrograde. But let's not forget, in all the excitement, that Mercury has just entered Gemini. It's important to acknowledge this movement, as it marks a ruling planet's homecoming. Though the Mercurial characteristics of communication and critical thinking will be particularly strong for Geminis and Virgos, they will be highlighted for all of us over the coming days. As will Neptune's movements which I'll talk about tomorrow.

Tuesday June 14

Dream On

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As promised we'll talk about the retrogradation of Neptune today. The giant ice planet began to retrace its steps yesterday. What impact will this have on us and how we feel over the coming months? Well, Neptune affects our dreams and our imaginations. Think of your fantasies as water. Just as water turns solid when the temperature drops below zero, so our dreams and ideas will become more tangible. Keep a pencil and notebook by your bed ready to jot down overnight insights.

Wednesday June 15


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Last week I answered Jessica's letter asking whether or not she should read her rising sign as well as her Sun sign. Here's a little more detail. Your Sun sign represents your identity, your self-awareness and, most importantly for these daily readings, your sense of purpose. Your rising sign influences other people's first impression of you and how you interact and relate to them. I recommend paying more attention to the forecast for your Sun sign. But curiosity is only truly bad for cats...

Thursday June 16

Oscar Scope

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Hi Oscar,
Being thrust into the limelight isn't easy. I've been watching with interest to see how you develop and cope with the challenge set by Jonathan's passing. I'm curious to know something about your horoscope. Gary

Hi Gary, I was born with Sun in Libra, Moon in Aquarius and Virgo rising. I'm quick to respond, flexible and not too bad at self-discipline either! PS: I'm very grateful for all the encouraging messages I've received.

Friday June 17

Planet of Love

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Venus moves into Cancer today and the view, especially if you're a Cancerian, is about to get a whole lot prettier. The planet of love brings a renewed sense of emotional harmony, and an awareness of the finer things in life... both physical and philosophical. It's an opportunity for us all to find beauty in caring for each other. This weekend, take a moment to appreciate the ones you're closest to. A minute spent this way is never wasted.

Saturday June 18

Your Week Ahead

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This week brings the June Solstice, when, depending on where you call home, the days begin to get shorter or longer. You may be looking forward to bright days or dreading the long nights! There is also a second Full Moon in Sagittarius; an astrological 'blue' moon, even if the first was in May. Add in the Saturn/Neptune connection and we have a week when achievements that transcend the norm are a real possibility.

Sunday June 19

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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