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June 27 2016 to July 3 2016

Monday June 27

A Fine Trine

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Yesterday Jupiter formed a trine with Pluto. A trine is a 120-degree angle, traditionally seen in astrology to be a positive, sympathetic relationship. It's the third and final time this has happened since 2015 and the last time this angle will be made for eight years. Even positive alignments need working with in order to benefit from them, but with commitment, this can bring a boost of energy with the potential to transform. It can be especially powerful when aligned with altruistic motives.

Tuesday June 28


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Dear Oscar,
I have a query about Moon-signs. I read that our Moon-sign reflects the way in which we view our relationships with our mothers. I wonder if you and Jonathan ever discussed this, and what your thoughts are about it? Judy

Hi Judy, Yes, we discussed this at length - he was very enthusiastic about Moon-sign astrology. Rather than the mother, per se, we both felt that the Moon represents how we have been nurtured in our lives and therefore how we look to bond with others.

Wednesday June 29

Hidden Treasure

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Today Mars, the planet of energy, passion and determination begins to move forward. It has been retrograde since April, creating less-than-ideal situations for us all. If you feel as if you have been digging for treasure, but that the elusive chest with an X clearly marked on it has refused to appear, your luck is about to change. Today might not be the day you find the treasure, but at least you'll be able to turn your map the right way up!

Thursday June 30

Double Trouble

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Dear Oscar,
I am a Sun/Moon Taurus. Does having the same sign for both planets amplify the characteristics of that sign? It's a question I kept meaning to ask Jonathan, but, being someone who is deeply stuck in ruts, I never got around to it! Kristin

Dear Kristin, I think your last sentence answered your own question! But the very fact that you ventured to ask this question goes to show that those ruts are not inescapable.

Friday July 1


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Today, Venus opposes Pluto and makes a positive angle with Jupiter. This brings us full circle to the aspect that I talked about on Monday. The influence of last weekend's much rarer Jupiter-Pluto trine will be renewed with Venusian energy. It encourages us to reconnect with what we truly value, and work to bring harmony into the parts of our lives that have been discordant. With the opportunities these alignments bring, you can begin to make a key transformation this weekend.

Saturday July 2

Your July Monthly Forecast

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Astrologers often make predictions on the basis of events that cannot be seen. This may be because a planet is too distant or it may be near but only up in the sky during the day. We know they are there but they are not bright enough to detect in sunlight. July's most spectacular alignment (on paper) will not be a spectacle in reality. We will hardly know that Mercury and Venus are rising and setting, as they will be so close to the Sun. But we may well feel, in our hearts, what we cannot see with our eyes. Expect inspiration.

Sunday July 3

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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