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July 4 2016 to July 10 2016

Monday July 4

Rice Advice

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Whilst today is Independence Day in the United States, it's also the beginning of the festival of Dree for the Apatani tribe in India's Ziro valley. The Apatani are celebrated for their unique sustainable farming skills. Their ability to cultivate rice is so advanced that it's almost impossible to believe it has been developed without scientific intervention. Their festival includes prayers for a bumper harvest and for prosperity for all humankind. With a New Moon in Cancer encouraging us to make a fresh start, perhaps these are practices that we can all follow.

Tuesday July 5

Asteroid 2016 H0

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Duncan writes about the recent discovery of asteroid 2016 H03, which is in a similar orbit to ours. He asks: "How will the second moon of the Earth affect astrological predictions?".

This asteroid is not a moon per se, and certainly won't have the same sort of effect. It's possible, now we know it's there, that it may become relevant astrologically, but it will take a while to study. In the meantime, we have plenty of other planets to be getting on with!

Wednesday July 6

Have No Fear

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There is so much going on astrologically tomorrow that I thought I'd better start writing about it today! I want to start by talking about the Sun and Mercury, as they are about to become conjunct before they move into opposition with Pluto just hours later. It's likely that many of us will find that our normal way of thinking is challenged, and our understanding is questioned. This is nothing to be afraid of - though we may all learn a thing or two in the coming days.

Thursday July 7

Venus Squares Uranus

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Today, Venus squares Uranus and our hearts will skip a beat. Whether it's love that's the cause, or merely surprise, time will tell. But the very fact that I'm hinting that it might happen could help you to prepare. And if you can see it coming, it's more likely to be emotion that stirs you rather than a shock that jolts you! Either way, it will be a good day to do something out of the ordinary. And if you're looking to make a connection, expect the unexpected!

Friday July 8

You Two

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Hi Oscar,
What's your view about being born 'on the cusp' between signs? Some astrologers say you will be influenced by factors from both. Valerie

Hi Valerie, You can't be in two signs at once. The time the Sun enters a sign varies each year (You can check your own sign here). But if you don't know your birth time, and one signs feels more like 'you', the advice for it is more likely to apply. Although there IS much more to us than our Sun signs, it can be confusing to have too many versions of you to focus on!

Saturday July 9

Your Week Ahead

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This week the Sun and Mercury move into an intense relationship with Uranus, and Mercury and Venus begin their journeys through Leo. For Leos this will be a particularly energising time, but we will all feel the power of these celestial phenomena. The skies herald a time of surprise and change. They bring the potential for all of us to discover an exciting new way of being. Expect to find others more expressive, charming and open-hearted. You may manifest these qualities too!

Sunday July 10

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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