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August 1 2016 to August 7 2016

Monday August 1

Signs of the Trines

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This week kicks off with some fiery trines! The Sun and Venus, both in Leo, make these positive alignments with Saturn and Uranus respectively. With Uranus having turned retrograde recently, here is further evidence of change afoot. Yet a trine with Venus is no change to fear! It suggests that something beautiful and unexpected is heading our way. Beautiful and unexpected does not, in this case, suggest frivolity. The Sun and Saturn's relationship suggests that it can have a serious and lasting impact.

Tuesday August 2

New Start

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Today Mars recovers the ground it lost during its period of retrogradation, and returns to Sagittarius. Add a New Moon in Leo into the mix, and the fiery nature of the cosmos is re-emphasised. All this energy suggests that it's time for some action. The New Moon encourages us to begin a project afresh, with a renewed sense of hope. The influence of Mars draws us to investigate previously unexplored resources. Today's the day for a new, exciting way of thinking.

Wednesday August 3


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Dear Oscar,
What happens when one simply doesn't want Venus messing in one's business? I'm a Leo and romance is the LAST thing I'm looking for. A very nice man is pursuing me, and all I think is, 'Please be this attentive to someone else.'

Dear Lisa,
Speeding up the planet of love's tenure in your sign is beyond my powers! Don't forget that whilst Venus hints at romance, it also represents kindness, appreciation, value and creativity. I'm not giving up on you finding a way to appreciate the planet's presence, if not the man's!

Thursday August 4

Virgoan Influence

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Last weekend Virgo welcomed its ruler Mercury. This suggests a renewed focus on planning and building, sorting and service. These are, by the way, very Virgoan characteristics anyway and so are strengthened even further by the arrival of Mercury. These qualities reach across the zodiac and affect us all. Tomorrow, as Venus joins Mercury in Virgo, the value of the activities and the relationships they can build will start to be realised. It's a good time for negotiation, and to begin healing conversations too.

Friday August 5

T-Square Now

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This weekend, we have more exciting alignments from two of the solar system's fastest movers. Mercury makes a square with Saturn, and then moves into an opposition with Neptune. This creates a pattern we astrologers call a T-Square. Simultaneously, Venus and Mars square each other, creating a focus on 'matters of the heart'. It suggests a time of passion and action, with a helpful sprinkling of realism too. Any ideas that come to you over this weekend have the potential to make a lasting impact.

Saturday August 6

Your Week Ahead

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Mercury is particularly busy this week. It flits through Virgo, making several powerful connections in a short space of time, firstly squaring Saturn whilst forming a tense alignment with Uranus. Then it opposes Neptune, before moving into a trine with Pluto. Be ready for a flash of inspiration and clarity, enhanced by the fizzing energy of Mars and Venus. The potential for insight and perspicacity will be beneficial for those of us who have a clear idea of what we want.

Sunday August 7

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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