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August 15 2016 to August 21 2016

Monday August 15

Saturn Turn

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Over this last weekend, Saturn turned direct. Saturn is one of the outer, slow-moving planets. As the teacher of the zodiac, it focuses our attention on our responsibilities and encourages maturity of approach and wisdom. Each Sun sign has a traditional and a modern ruler - I'll explain more about this over the next few days. Saturn rules both Capricorn and Aquarius. Those born under these signs are beginning to feel relieved from constraints and difficult entanglements, but we should all begin to feel a release of long-held tensions.

Tuesday August 16

Trine Time

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This week, there is a theme to the astrological activity. Today, the Sun trines Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius, hot on the heels of Saturn changing direction. With a Full Moon on the celestial horizon, also in Aquarius, we have a particularly quirky and eccentric flavour to the week. With the wheels greased from a newly direct Saturn, today's trine brings the potential for inspiring insights. Welcome and innovative changes are afoot.

Wednesday August 17

Ruler Rules

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Studying the movement and characteristics of the planetary rulers of each sign is an important astrological tool. Some signs though, have two rulers, one modern and one traditional. In the past, before telescopes opened our vision of the universe, several signs shared their rulers. As the outer planets were discovered, they were attributed to some of these signs. New rulerships were established for Aquarius (Uranus), Pisces (Neptune) and Scorpio (Pluto). The modern rulerships don't discount the influence of the older ones; they work together to refine our insights into the characteristics of these signs.

Thursday August 18

Full Moon

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A Full Moon arises in Aquarius today. This increases and refines the Aquarian themes affecting us all this week. This Full Moon creates a chance to capitalise on a positive change which is just beginning to surface. A new way of tackling problems is becoming apparent and the path forward will be less shrouded in mystery. As Venus also trines Pluto, we're encouraged to be gentle in this transition. Try not to tear down those walls that you've become aware of. Instead, look for a kinder, more insightful way of achieving progress.

Friday August 19

Double Trouble

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Thanks to Thomas, who wrote to me about being 'born on the cusp':

As I was one of the first set of twins born at a new hospital, with my father on the staff, I'm confident about my birth time. I was born the same minute as the Sun changed signs. Even my accurate birth time doesn't tell me which second I was born, so I don't know which Sun sign I am. But I identify strongly with one, though. Truly born on the exact Leo/Virgo cusp, I am clearly a Leo, as is my sister, who was born seven minutes earlier!

Saturday August 20

Your Week Ahead

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This week the headline news is the conjunction between Mars and Saturn, but there are several other stories to report on. Jupiter bookends the week with a couple of conjunctions, and the Sun moves into Virgo. But it's the Mars activity that will form the basis of 'water cooler' talk. The red planet makes a Saturnian connection, before squaring Neptune. With a little grit and determination you can embark upon an inspiring new start.

Sunday August 21

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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