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August 22 2016 to August 28 2016

Monday August 22

Hello Virgo!

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There's a lot of astrological activity this week and it kicks off with a big shift today. The Sun is moving into a new sign, bringing a change of focus - from the playful drama of Leo to the wise practicality of Virgo. Now comes the time to tidy up our toys and develop new skills. But, that needn't mean we can't enjoy ourselves. Virgo is a sign with a great sense of vitality, as well as order. Today also brings a conjunction of Jupiter and Mercury. There's room for big ideas, and big fun too!

Tuesday August 23

The Middle Age of Aquarius

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Hi Oscar,
Was the god that represents Aquarius a mere servant wine pourer? Is this why Aquarians sometimes end up helping the wrong people? I'm 62 and worn out from always thinking about helping everybody else. Is that selfish? Teresa

Hi Teresa, Actually Aquarius wasn't a god. According to classical mythology he was a mortal boy, so beautiful that Jupiter whisked him away to become the god's cup-bearer for eternity. No wonder you've had enough! In some stories, when Aquarius got tired, he flooded the world. So give yourself a break, for all our sakes!

Wednesday August 24

Moving Forward

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Today brings the Mars-Saturn conjunction I've talked about recently. It heralds a time when, as long as you're prepared to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty, there's an opportunity to make solid and lasting progress. Our world is facing many daunting challenges... it's easy to feel overwhelmed by their complexities. With Mars moving on to square Neptune later this week, there's a chance to see new ways of looking at problems and discovering innovative ways to move forward.

Thursday August 25

Rise and Shine

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Hi Oscar,
What does it mean when your rising sign is the same as your Sun sign? I'm Libra for both. Sarah

Hi Sarah, You're what's colloquially called a 'double-Libran'. As the name suggests, you'll have more than the usual dose of your Sun-sign about you. If your Moon was also in Libra, you'd be a triple-Libran! My uncle Jonathan was a double-Sagittarian. He certainly 'talked the talk' and 'walked the walk' when it came to adventurous spirit!

Friday August 26

Dream into Action

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The effects of major astrological alignments aren't experienced only at the moment they occur. Often they're felt for days either side of the event. Today brings the final Mars-Neptune square of this cycle. It's a time for compassionate action, when we can add energy to imaginative thinking. This, combined with the decisiveness of Wednesday's Mars-Saturn conjunction, and this weekend's Venus-Jupiter conjunction, suggests that we can make vital moves towards making our long-held hopes a part of our reality.

Saturday August 27

Your Week Ahead

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This week is jam-packed with astrological activity. Venus conjuncts Jupiter, before overtaking Mercury on its way into Libra just as Mercury turns retrograde. But the biggest news is the Solar Eclipse that comes just as the Sun forms an important aspect pattern in the sky. It makes an opposition with Neptune on the same day it squares Saturn, creating a T-square. This is a sign that we're finally about to start seeing our dreams become a reality.

Sunday August 28

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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