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August 29 2016 to September 4 2016

Monday August 29

Sweet Nothings

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The beginning of the week has a somewhat Venusian feel to it. Hot on the heels of the love planet making a conjunction with Jupiter, Mercury takes its turn to align with our celestial neighbour today. Occurring just before the communication planet turns retrograde (when we'll enter a period where communication is more likely to get lost in translation), this represents a good moment to whisper sweet nothings and act on our innermost feelings. With Venus still revelling in Jupiterian energy, it's a time to win hearts and minds.

Tuesday August 30


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Mercury, which is in its native sign of Virgo, turns retrograde today. This heralds a time during which we must revisit some of the certainties we thought we'd laid to rest, and when we must make doubly sure our missives and messages are being understood as intended. Also today, continuing this week's Venusian theme, we see Venus cross into Libra. The planet of love returns to the sign it calls home, so it can act with greater strength and presence, particularly around Libran themes, bringing aesthetic beauty, harmony and charm to our lives.

Wednesday August 31

Proxima Centauri

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Recently the discovery of an earth-like planet was announced. Circling our neighbouring star, Proxima Centauri, it may potentially support conditions for life! Since it orbits a 'centaur', it could herald discoveries for Sagittarians. Yet I'm more fascinated by how astrology might work in another solar system. What other planets exist to influence the potential inhabitants? Does it have a Moon, or several, and what kind of emotions would be stirred up by these competing influences? If there aren't any seats left on the first space-ship heading there - I'll sit on the floor!

Thursday September 1


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As we enter a new month, the New Moon forms a Solar Eclipse. This year, the annual event will be best viewed in Madagascar and across central Africa. It's always an auspicious moment in the astrological calendar, but this year it forms one corner of a major astrological pattern. Becoming exact tomorrow, the Sun opposes Neptune in Pisces, whilst also forming a square aspect with Saturn in Sagittarius. It's fair to say that whatever we start now can have far-reaching consequences.

Friday September 2

New Moon, New Beginning

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New Moons herald new beginnings, fresh approaches, and they set events in motion. When they coincide with an eclipse, the effect is intensified. Yesterday's Solar Eclipse formed one corner of a T-square with Neptune and Saturn, so we can expect an extra dose of lunar energy now. It's an invitation to step bravely into the future. We face tests that define our ideals and ask us to hold firm in the face of capitulation. Yet we can now take bold steps, and turn our most vital and important dreams into reality.

Saturday September 3

Your September Monthly Forecast

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September is chock-a-block with astrological activity: eclipses, outer and inner planets changing direction and moving signs and an Equinox as the Sun enters Libra. It's always a special event when a major planet changes signs. The annual movement of Jupiter represents a time when we can redefine our philosophies. It's the planet of optimism, hope and expansion. Even if you don't end up winning the jackpot, you may feel your luck beginning to change.

Sunday September 4

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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