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September 5 2016 to September 11 2016

Monday September 5

Food for Thought

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Have you felt it? Have you been dining out on the energy of last week's eclipse that formed a T-square with Saturn and Neptune? Or did what you ordered look better on the menu than on the plate? There's an incredible energy to be harvested right now. But it's possible to be too focused on a few doors closing than to notice the opportunities becoming more than mere possibilities. Take your chances. Run with your choices. You can discover a whole new delicious cuisine which is yours to enjoy.

Tuesday September 6

Elements of Intelligence

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Hi Oscar,
Why do we sometimes experience a superiority complex? Is it our own lack of confidence or someone else's? Is it anything to do with where the planets are in our charts? I hate it when I can feel myself entering this mode! Jill

Hi Jill, Traditional intelligence is usually associated with the astrological element of air. We all have all the elements in our birth charts, and that balance is affected by the current astrological situation. If the equilibrium changes, we seek what we lack, and sometimes we over-compensate!

Wednesday September 7

To Boldly Go

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As the Sun trines Pluto, it sends a message. It encourages us to be brave and to access a deep courage we may not even realise that we have. This life we lead and these bodies we inhabit are miraculous. Our extraordinary ability to heal and regenerate isn't limited to the mere physical... we have the power to transform and transcend the challenges we face too. Sometimes we need to be careful that our heads aren't turned by this power. Today, though, we can all be bolder, and we can be better too.

Thursday September 8


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Hi Oscar,
I was born August 5 in Leo. Over the years, as I've read different horoscopes, I've noticed that the Libra forecast is more accurate for me. Do you know why that is? Linda

Hi Linda, Without knowing your year of birth and, ideally, your birth time, it's hard to say. As you find that you're often affected by Libran issues, it's possible that you have a lot of planets or angles in that sign. You can find out about the positions of all your planets by clicking here.

Friday September 9

Generous Jupiter!

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This month, twelve years ago, Jupiter moved into Libra for a year. Today, it does so again. For Librans, it's an auspicious moment as the planet of growth, abundance, wisdom and luck begins to work its influence in their sign once more. But we can all feel the benefits of Jupiter's generosity. It changes signs once a year, and this annual shift encourages us to explore ideas differently and find new meaning in old matters. It isn't only Librans who can look forward to a fairer future!

Saturday September 10

Your Week Ahead

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This week we welcome a Lunar Eclipse in Pisces, following a Solar Eclipse earlier this month. It gives us all the chance to feel a sense of completion, particularly on projects that access our creative, imaginative centres. Saturn reinforces the Piscean theme of the week, as it squares Neptune for the final time before they become conjunct in 2026. With Jupiter newly in Libra, this could be the time to get out the paintbrush and express your artistic side.

Sunday September 11

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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