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September 12 2016 to September 18 2016

Monday September 12

Fair and Square

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Today, let's talk about Squares. There have been a significant number of planets forming this 90-degree alignment recently, and there are more on their way. Over this last weekend Saturn and Neptune formed one, as did Venus and Pluto, and tomorrow Mercury and the Sun do so with Mars. To understand the dynamic of this astrological relationship, imagine a rubber band being stretched. Yes, though it may be tense, there's an undeniable potential for energy, growth and action. This is a week filled with the possibility of instigating new and significant moves.

Tuesday September 13

Time Stretch

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Hello Oscar,
I was born in the UK, but now live in America. Do my daily horoscopes work on 'UK time' or my new time zone? Should I be reading yesterday's horoscope until it turns midnight here? Kaytlin

Hi Kaytlin, I suggest being generous with the timescale of your daily forecasts. While some minor aspects may be felt both instantly and briefly, a major astrological transit works its magic over a longer period. Read today's words, but remember they can still hold relevance tomorrow. The same goes for yesterday's!

Wednesday September 14


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Hi Oscar,
The late great astrologer Patric Walker told me that he wouldn't sign a new contract when Mercury was 'retrograde'. As a soccer fan I wonder how it will affect all the new signings in the UK Premier League? Kelvin.

Kelvin, It's true that whilst Mercury is in retrograde motion, mistakes are harder to spot, loopholes are more likely to go unnoticed and clauses unchallenged. But, given the nature of football, what likelihood is there that any of these contracts will be honoured to full term in the first place? Expect plenty of renegotiations.

Thursday September 15

Doing Better

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Today the Sun opposes Chiron, with Mars forming a tense angle to them both, Chiron is a less well-known point of astrological reference. It's a minor planet orbiting between Saturn and Uranus and named after a heroic centaur from ancient Greek mythology. To some astrologers its presence represents the pain of a deep wound. I prefer to interpret its presence as an opportunity for restoration and redemption. Chiron was a great healer and teacher... a maverick with a noble spirit. We can all strive to do better today.

Friday September 16

Lunar Eclipse

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Today's lunar eclipse follows the solar eclipse at the start of September. Full moons represent opportune moments... when the cosmos guides us towards, and helps us across, a finish line. If the Full Moon is a taxi, an eclipse is a taxi made by Ferrari and driven by Lewis Hamilton! Just as in Formula One, this is but one of many wins in a season-long series of races. Yet this could be one that opens a significant lead...

Saturday September 17

Your Week Ahead

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As we move towards the Equinox, and the Sun joins Venus in Libra this week, we approach the moment when us Librans become a year older and (if we're lucky) a year wiser! Venus also forms an opposition with Uranus, just as the Moon conjuncts the great change-maker. And as Mercury stations to turn direct, whilst forming a trine with Pluto, we'll find that our hearts and minds change in equal measure. Transformation is the cosmic invitation this week.

Sunday September 18

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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