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September 19 2016 to September 25 2016

Monday September 19

Kind Words

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Over the past weekend there was a lot of Uranian energy about. The great change-maker first made a positive trine with Mars, and then moved exactly opposite Venus in our skies. With Venus and Mars governing a lot of the feelings that emerge in relationships, perhaps you're noticing a change in the dynamics between yourself and those closest to you? I would encourage you to greet any challenges with kindness. Open up your heart and be ready for a big, positive surprise this week!

Tuesday September 20

Post Natal Chart

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Hi Oscar,
What do you think happens to a person's 'natal chart' once they die? Do they carry on feeling the influences on a different level, in a different dimension, or does it all stop? Danielle

Hi Danielle, Good question, and one we'll never really know the answer to! Astrology is inherently linked to our physical position within space and time. I personally don't think that we can be affected by the planets if we have no earthly form. And sometimes, quite frankly, I look forward to the respite!

Wednesday September 21

Heart of the Matter

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Today, Mercury makes a positive trine with Pluto. This in itself would be an interesting development, however, it's made extra special by Mercury stationing with this harmonious connection, before turning direct tomorrow. It thus takes a link that would normally peak for only a day, and stretches it out over the course of three. What does this mean for us? Mercury ending its retrograde phase always helps us to think more clearly. Pluto's influence suggests that we can finally see into the hidden heart of a matter.

Thursday September 22


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Happy Equinox! Today marks the moment when the Sun moves into Libra, and the midway point between the Earth's longest and shortest days. For Librans, it heralds the auspicious return of the Sun to its natal position. For all of us, though, as with the length of the days and nights, we may begin to feel a shift of balance. The Libran issues of harmony and fairness rise to the fore. We can also begin to see elegance in the world, or at least a way in which we might be able to make it more beautiful.

Friday September 23

Mercury Direct!

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Mercury moves direct again today, whilst still in trine to Pluto. But there are other important astrological movements. Venus moves into Scorpio, whilst the sign's modern ruler, Pluto, is stationary. Pluto's been slipping backwards through the sky since April this year, and now it too prepares to turn direct. It suggests that now's a time to uncover secrets. With the planet of revelation's involvement, we can expect what's unearthed to have a powerful, transformative effect on our lives. And Venus's influence encourages us to be appreciative of it.

Saturday September 24

Your Week Ahead

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This week, we have a few major cosmic ingredients amidst a seasoning of astrological pepper. The oven has been pre-heating since last week, when Mercury turned direct, and Venus moved into Scorpio. Now the temperature increases a notch or two: Pluto turns direct, ending the retrograde phase it began in April, and, on the same day, Mars joins it in Capricorn. Garnish this with the significant Sun-Jupiter conjunction, and the universe is cooking up delicious delights!

Sunday September 25

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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