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September 26 2016 to October 2 2016

Monday September 26

Viva Libra

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Today the Sun conjuncts Jupiter in Libra for the first time in eleven years. This is only the first significant alignment that the 'planet of luck' makes in Libra this time around. It goes on to conjunct Mercury next month, as well as making dynamic squares with Mars and, eventually, Venus. Actually, we're in for a year of Jupiterian influences in Libran themes. The focus now is on bold philosophies and bright visions. And, looking ahead to next weekend, there's a Libran New Moon, heralding beautiful new adventures.

Tuesday September 27

Hot Heels

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Hot on the heels of yesterday's Sun-Jupiter conjunction, Pluto ends the retrograde motion in Capricorn that it began in April. When this movement began, Pluto was forming a positive Grand Trine with Mercury and Jupiter. It's therefore very fitting that its leap forward should occur amidst another significant Jupiterian alignment. With Pluto's change in direction, the insights and knowledge we've gained can begin to exert their power. With Mars also moving into Capricorn, it's time to fulfil potential and make exciting moves towards fulfilling aspirations.

Wednesday September 28


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Hi Oscar,
My arch-nemesis is my opposite sign, Libra. She uses exclusion, sabotage and other tricky tactics to keep her power structures intact. With Jupiter in her sign, should I be preparing for a rough ride? Claire

Hi Claire, It's true that she's likely to feel extra confident and powerful. But I'd prefer to look at how Jupiter in your opposite sign will affect you. It suggests you can become wiser, more philosophical and generous when dealing with others. So this could be the moment to change your response to provocation!

Thursday September 29

Ruling Planets

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Hi Oscar,
Why are there 'ruling' planets for signs? And why do Cancerians and Leos have the Moon and the Sun? They're not planets! Derek

Hi Derek, In ancient Europe, during the warmest months, the Sun was in Leo and Cancer. With the long hours of daylight making it harder for astrologers to study the planetary movements, the brightest lights in the sky were assigned rulership of these months. Saturn, which at the time was the furthest known planet, was given the signs opposite these. Proximity dictated the rest: Jupiter took the zodiac signs either side of Saturn; Mercury took those either side of the Sun and Moon... and so on.

Friday September 30

Precious Moments

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Tomorrow sees a New Moon, close to Jupiter in Libra, for the first time since 2005. In fact, the Moon joins the Sun with only three degrees of separation from Jupiter. What does this mean? Perhaps I should look to the great Three Degrees for answers. It seems 'Love Is The Message', and that if you 'Take Good Care Of Yourself' you can drink 'A Toast Of Love' this weekend. Now, 'When Will I See You Again?' Here in tomorrow's page, of course.

Saturday October 1

Your October Monthly Forecast

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The coming month has several astrological events of note. We have a Supermoon, which occurs as a Sun and Uranus alignment peaks, then we have Mars conjoining Pluto and moving swiftly on to create a T-square with Uranus towards the end of the month. All this indicates a climate of creativity and decisive movement. With such powerful cosmic forces at work, the changes we have been longing for can and will start to begin.

Sunday October 2

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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