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January 25 2016 to January 31 2016

Monday January 25

Prejudice Hypothesis

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Hi Jonathan,
Back in college, I took a statistics class. We were asked to design a survey to test a hypothesis. I designed a test to see if astrological forecasts had statistical validity. Unfortunately, my work group didn't see astrology as having any validity to begin with and were more interested in how people could be fooled by fake horoscopes. I've often wondered if something more useful could have been proven with a more open-minded group. Steve

Hi Steve, Too often, there's a refusal to look properly when people convince themselves that there will be nothing to see!

Tuesday January 26


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Hello Jonathan,
I felt moved to reply to the letter from the woman saying she feels life is not a gift. I've been living with metastatic breast cancer for five years now; the kind that is both incurable and 'terminal'. Although most days are difficult, having the honour and privilege to be part of this life is the biggest gift in the world. Yes, I am often in pain, scared, worried, etc. But, even on the worst days, there is also always beauty, love, joy, humour, creativity, inspiration, a moment of sunshine breaking through the clouds. Alex

Wednesday January 27

Mercury Retrograde Questions

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Dear Jonathan,
I couldn't afford to say 'no' to a job offer because Mercury was retrograde. Lia
Dear Lia, You won't regret your recent decision to accept the job.

Dear Jonathan,
Why do you think retrograde Mercury is a beneficial time to accept a job offer, sign contracts or start anything new? Most astrologers advise against it. Janet
Dear Janet, Because personal experience tells me differently.

Dear Jonathan,
I was born during a Mercury retrograde. How might that affect one's communication style? Sheri
Dear Sheri, I was born with Mercury retrograde, too!
PS. This month's Mercury Retrograde phase is now over!

Thursday January 28


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Dear Jonathan,
If we had listened to Tesla we could have had free energy 100 years ago, we could have been traveling off-planet 50 years ago, we would have had no World Wars and the people of Earth would have been a welcome addition to the advanced, peace-loving million-plus membership of the Galactic Federation. Instead, we stayed with Big Oil and got depressions, Happy Meals and Viagra. Peter

Dear Peter, I was with you all the way regarding Nikola Tesla. He's my hero too. But I'm afraid you lost me at the bit about the Galactic Federation.

Friday January 29

Blind Spots

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Dear Jonathan,
Further to your recent comments, there's a wonderful cartoon, The Blind Spot by Sidney K Bennett, originally published in 1943. In the first frame, a professor tells his students, 'As scientists, we base our conclusions only on exhaustive and unprejudiced investigation'. In the second frame, he's telling his friends, 'Astrology? One doesn't need to investigate astrology, it is obviously unsound!' It is funny how you never meet any detractors of astrology who have taken the time to study the subject. Elaine

Dear Jonathan,
Every time a 'new' planet is discovered it adds something to our lives. Lynda.

Saturday January 30

Your February Monthly Forecast

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February begins with a conjunction of Mercury and Pluto. As soon as this wanes, Venus takes over where Mercury leaves off and the whole thing happens while Pluto forms a 90-degree alignment to Uranus. Mars, meanwhile, creates an agitating 'inconjunct' to Uranus. Sorry to blast you with jargon or, as some sceptics might say, blind you with pseudo-science... but this is a powerful time for many. If, this month, you feel as if your world is being turned upside down, don't worry. All will get set straight again, sooner (and more happily) than you may expect.

Sunday January 31

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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