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October 3 2016 to October 9 2016

Monday October 3

Happy Solar Returns to Me!

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Today I have my solar return. Actually, I was born at 5.35am on October 4, but due to an astronomical anomaly the Sun is returning to the precise position it held at my birth a day earlier this year. This moment in time is what astrologers use to predict a person's year ahead. Last year, mine featured a T-square of the Sun opposing Uranus, as they both squared Pluto, which was opposite the Moon. Intense aspects! Given the dramatic and emotional transitions I've undergone this year, I'd say it was 'in the stars'! Perhaps you should investigate your own chart.

Tuesday October 4

Eye Closer

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It's my birthday, and with the Sun sextile Saturn alignment encouraging me, I'm giving myself a break! Given that today's astrological aspects aren't quite as momentous as tomorrow's, or even last weekend's, surely you won't mind if I recline just a little? Now, I'm just going to rest my eyes for a second... OK, so it's no good turning to someone for insight, foresight, or any other kind of sight if they have their eyes closed. I'll relax today, but I'll keep one eye on the horizon.

Wednesday October 5

Mars Square Jupiter

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Mars squares Jupiter today. The last time these two planets formed such an intense relationship was this time last year, when they became conjunct. Yet there's a big difference between a conjunction and a square. During a conjunction, the two planets combine... their energies support and fuse. A square, however, is a more tense alignment. But, not all tension is bad! It's merely the product of stored energy. So this angle is dynamic and exciting. With today's Mars-Jupiter relationship adding to the mix, it's a day for positive and visionary action!

Thursday October 6

Light Work

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Hi Oscar,
Is it true that the third decan of Libra has dark characteristics? This is when I was born! I've been told that the personality traits for this natal period are quite challenging. Esra

Hi Esra, No - it's not true! Birth charts reveal that we're all a glorious mixture of the signs and their characteristics. And of course we're all presented with choices throughout our lives. The planets guide us, but they never compel us. If you feel yourself becoming dark, step into the light! Oscar

Friday October 7

All Part of the Service

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On Wednesday, I chose not to write about Venus's sextile to Pluto. Well, today, Pluto welcomes a link to the Sun, on the same day that Mercury changes signs. Is this too much information? Are the planet's movements making your head spin as fast as Mercury's orbit? Don't worry too much about the technical side of things. I merely mention them, like a mechanic at the garage, as justification for the service I provide. You can rest assured that I've spotted the issue, and I'll advise you exactly how to adjust your engine in order to get the best out of it!

Saturday October 8

Your Week Ahead

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Mercury and the Sun dominate this week's celestial headlines. Before the Sun opposes Uranus during next weekend's Supermoon, Mercury leaves the shadow and conjuncts Jupiter (just as Venus, the planet of love, makes a link to the both of them) before forming a dynamic square with Mars. Mars also harmonises encouragingly with Neptune this week. So there's plenty to get your head round. But there's no need to panic! Mercury's sextile with Saturn (and hopefully my words!) will help you do just that.

Sunday October 9

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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