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October 17 2016 to October 23 2016

Monday October 17

Have Your Cake

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Has everything in your life changed? Have you finally broken through the bars at your window, that you've been sawing at with a nail-file smuggled inside a cake? Well, maybe things haven't been quite so dramatic! Or perhaps the influence of the weekend's Sun-Uranus opposition at the Full Moon has yet to be fully integrated. Given that Mercury also made a dynamic square to Pluto, whilst there's more than enough to keep you busy, there remain questions to ponder, and answers to seek. Dig deep!

Tuesday October 18

Free Love

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Venus, the planet of love, today enters Sagittarius, the sign of freedom. So get out your hemp garments and start braiding flowers into your hair. Well, maybe not. Sagittarius isn't just about liberty. And 'free love' isn't purely the domain of the archetypal hippie. Nor is it the only possible outcome of Venus's new celestial stomping ground. But it does suggest that now could be a good time to take down some of those barriers that we all erect around our hearts.

Wednesday October 19

Power Struggle

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Just as Venus is getting herself settled into her new home in the sky, today her fiery counterpart, Mars, forms a conjunction with Pluto. Whilst not especially rare (these events happen every two years), it nevertheless represents a moment when we can take our power back. And with Venus in Sagittarius, there's an interesting parallel between a yearning to explore, and a desire to discover. The psychological and material bounties that await are enticing, but it'll take some stubborn determination and intensity to truly reap the rewards.

Thursday October 20

The Bus Stops Here

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A bit like London buses, we've got three astrological events all turning up at once this week. Except, with buses, you can't ride three simultaneously. And, barring a diversion or two, they proceed along pre-determined routes and alight at well-worn stations. With today's Mercury-Uranus opposition, not only have you been given the freedom to explore your heart, and a powerful 4x4 to do so, but you might just also find that your GPS recalculates and takes you in an exciting new direction. So not much like buses at all really.

Friday October 21


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This weekend, the Sun moves into Scorpio. This means different things to different people. For Scorpios it heralds a return of the Sun's warmth, courage and strength. It brings the power to revitalise and renew tired souls. For Librans, it marks the moment the Sun leaves our sign. Yet Librans aren't left to experience darkness and cold for eleven months. It's simply that focuses shift to a different area of life. For everyone, this weekend marks the transition from, and beginning of, a wonderful new dawn.

Saturday October 22

Your Week Ahead

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This week begins with the Sun and Mercury entering Scorpio, as they move towards a conjunction on Thursday. We also find several faster moving inner planets making significant aspects to slower moving outer ones. Venus squares Neptune, on its way to becoming conjunct with Saturn next weekend. And Mars squares Uranus, for the last time in their current two-year cycle. In the run up to the New Moon, it suggests that now's the time for a decisive change.

Sunday October 23

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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