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October 24 2016 to October 30 2016

Monday October 24


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When the Sun returns for its annual progression through a sign, it isn't the only visitor. Mercury, its neighbouring planet, is never far behind, and exerts its influence too. And so it is today, as Mercury continues to play catch-up to the Sun, and enters Scorpio. Soon the two planets will become conjunct, heralding a 'eureka' moment. Many of us can expect to see light being shone in previously inaccessible and unexamined corners of our lives.

Tuesday October 25

Thank You!

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Today, I thought I'd write you a thank-you note. It's been very gratifying to read the messages of support I've received since assuming my uncle's mantle. It means a lot to hear how these words make a difference. So here's a request: I would love to hear about the moments when astrology has touched your life. If you have a story you'd like to share... share it with me! And I'll do my best to spread the inspiration here in the weeks and months ahead.

Wednesday October 26

Venusian Hues

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Today's energy has the lovely hue of a Venusian influence. For those who are used to operating with sensitivity, this brings a magical opportunity. For others, less comfortable with expressing emotional vulnerability, the Venus-Neptune square might provide a degree of tension. The planet of love also makes an encouraging sextile to Jupiter, suggesting that if we can be generous, and explore possibilities, our openness will be rewarded.

Thursday October 27


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Earlier this week I mentioned a potential 'eureka' moment, and with today's Sun-Mercury connection, you won't need to be a maths genius like Archimedes, to be inspired. Even if numbers aren't your strong point, a moment of clarity could have you excitedly jumping out of the bath in your haste to implement game-changing insights. Okay, perhaps, that's going a little too far! But you can reach an understanding that previously seemed more like 'pi' in the sky.

Friday October 28


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The solar system's fiery instigator, Mars, makes a spiky angle to the cosmos's electric revolutionary Uranus soon. If this were a song it would be the 1996 hit Firestarter by The Prodigy, which caused quite a controversy in its time. It was feared it would incite Britain to burn in a wave of youthful pyromania. The UK, though, remains reassuringly damp! This weekend you may be feeling the need to act out, break away, and charge forward. Just try not to burn too many bridges in the process!

Saturday October 29

Your November Monthly Forecast

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November brings many exciting developments: Mars, Venus, Mercury and the Sun all change signs, there's a Supermoon, and Neptune finally turns direct. But possibly the biggest news, is that the Solar system's giant, Jupiter, forms a square with its dwarf, Pluto. Despite the size difference, this is no David and Goliath tussle. In fact, the presence of Venus, which conjuncts Pluto at the same time, suggests Little and Large will be working together in perfect harmony.

Sunday October 30

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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