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November 21 2016 to November 27 2016

Monday November 21


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Today, the Sun returns for its annual visit to Sagittarius. There's a special place in my heart for people born at this time of year; it's the sign shared by my late uncle, Jonathan Cainer, and by my son. This week, Jupiter - the ruler of Sagittarius - makes powerful and significant angles overhead. Sagittarians are likely to benefit enormously from the movements made by the planet of fortune and prosperity, but these interactions promise fascinating opportunities to be enjoyed and explored by us all.

Tuesday November 22

Hope Springs

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Pluto has the longest orbital period out of all the planets studied by astrologers, so whenever it aligns with another planetary plodder, we know it heralds an important, rare time. Soon, Pluto will link with Jupiter, and a series of tense angles will commence between them. Other faster-moving planets will join in along the way. They will focus this Plutonian energy, which will trigger a renewal of hope, and provide the courage needed to deal with some of the changes we face in the world today.

Wednesday November 23

A Change Is Gonna Come

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Today, amidst the build-up towards tomorrow's Jupiter-Pluto alignment, Mercury makes its annual conjunction with Saturn. For some people, Saturn represents much that we want to avoid in life: fear, limits, and frustration. But you don't need to have glasses with an optimistic floral hue to see the benefits that a Mercury-Saturn conjunction can bring. There's a palpable deep desire for change in the world, and today's developments can help us define and structure a plan to make it happen.

Thursday November 24

Have No Fear

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Today, Jupiter and Pluto align. This powerful moment marks the beginning of a planetary relationship that will form the cosmic backdrop for the next few months, and much of 2017 too. It's a calling to look deep within ourselves, and explore the truth that lies in our hearts. Are we really being the best we could be? Are we compromising too much in pursuit of fickle success? These are questions that we may soon need to answer. But, as I'll explain tomorrow, Venus and the Moon's involvement suggest you needn't fear the answer!

Friday November 25

Heart Support

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As Jupiter and Pluto make their big, bold connection, some faster, more personal guardians of the cosmos make their presence felt too. Today, Venus conjuncts Pluto, and the Moon converges with Jupiter. This suggests that, although life is beginning to ask deep questions, its interview style is more conversational than antagonistic! As you look further into the heart of matters, and explore your capacity for change, do so in the knowledge that you're being supported. There's kindness, compassion and inspiration to be found this weekend.

Saturday November 26

Your December Monthly Forecast

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We have exciting times ahead, and I'm not just talking about the approaching annual festivities! Mars changes signs, there's a Supermoon in Gemini, Mercury turns retrograde and Uranus finally turns direct. And, let's not forget about the Solstice, which arrives just as Jupiter, (the planet of generosity and expansion) forms an opposition to Uranus (representing innovation and surprise). The cosmic angels are singing news of dramatic change and the potential liberation of our gifts. This year, a Christmas to remember is on the cards!

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